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Nov 11, 2008 at 7:09 am

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2007 Dodge Daytona R/T (Vegas Terror)

Last updated Jan 3, 2008  

Photo of a 2007 Dodge Daytona R/T (Vegas Terror)

No longer owned


This was the Official vehicle used to transport the staff of Nano-specialists of Nanotec-USA and their clients during the 2007 Las Vegas SEMA Show. This vehicle also was the chase car for the Kicker Audio Hummer Tank during it's journey from the Las Vegas Hylton to the Hard Rock Casino/Hotel.

Nanotec-USA removed all swirls marks and existing wax from this car then applied their NanoBionics Professional Grade treatments to all exterior and interior painted/plastic/glass and metal surfaces.

This car turned a lot of heads while driven along the Las Vegas Strip.


Transfromed into a NanoBionic self-cleaning car in Las Vegas during the 2007 SEMA Show.


The paint job was refined using the NanoBionics Soft polish to ensure all previously applied wax and also swirl marks in the paint were removed leaving a true mirror finish.

Next, using Sata Mini-jet spray guns donated by Sata-USA, we sprayed the paint with NanoBionics AP-P (Auto Paint-Professional).

All exterior glass surfaces were refined/polished to remove any road grease, car wash silicones and hard water spots.

Next, after surface refinement we wiped in the Nanobionics AG-P (Auto Glass-Professional) treatment.

The wheels had overspray of tire shine which had to be removed prior to making them NanoBionic. A local automotive paint artist supplied us with a high ph. cleaner to refine the wheels.

Next, using a second donated Sata Mini-jet spray gun we sprayed the wheels with NanoBionics Metal Guard.

Last step in the complete transofrmation was to refine and treat all exterior and inter plastic surfaces with our NanoBionics PG-P (Plastic Guard-Professional).

Over the next 24 hours the treated surfaces under went a self-assembling transformation. The NanoBionics self-assembling nano-particles were bouncing around, self-aligning and docking directly to the pores of the treated surfaces.

The next day we poured water over the car, it ran off as fast as we could pour it on.

Transformation was complete, time to show her off.

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