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Dec 13, 2009 at 1:53 pm
That's what a Cougar should look like. Just imagine if they did a retro Cougar styled like that today!!!!!!!
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Jan 16, 2009 at 10:38 pm
That is one beautiful cat!!

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1969 Mercury Cougar (It's just my little Wild Cat)

Last updated Jan 16, 2009  

Photo of a 1969 Mercury Cougar (It's just my little Wild Cat)


I have owned this car for almost 11 years now. I was sixteen when I found a horribly rotten 1952 Ford Crestline 2-door Coupe. Since I was heavy into hot rod mags at the time I thought this would be the perfect project for my first car. My dad showed a little excitement that I was wanting something old instead of new, but all he saw were dollar signs on the Ford. He did all he could to talk me out of it, but I wanted it badly. One day we went to a junkyard that was famous for having classic Mustang parts to find a better hood for my dad's 64 1/2 rag top. When we pulled up there was the dusty old Cougar, half assembled, loaded with NOS trim, and tons of everything else, freshly backed out of a garage after 15 years of storage. The old drunk never sobered up enough to begin a restoration so he put it up for sale. Dad's have this way of talking their kids out of some things and into other things. I never wanted a muscle car, in fact all I ever knew were Mustangs! I'd never even seen a Cougar. A few days later a rollback dropped it off at our shop and I've been somewhat attached ever since. I guess sometimes your dad does know what he's talking about.

As it turned out I truely bought a diamond in the rough. The car was all original with no modifications done what so ever. The engine had only 70,000 miles. There was very very minimal rust on the car, and it was 100% complete, even though 90% of the parts were inside.

The car was totally disassembled as far down as it could be and then rebuilt back up. Best part is, I did 98% of it myself.


Engine is 351W. Normally 70K isn't that bad for an old V8, but the drunkard didn't prime the motor before starting it after 15 years, so it wiped out the bearings right away. The block is bored 30 over , the heads were decked, new valve seals and all the goodies. I built the motor for cruising, then changed my mind like kids usually do. I ended up using a high lift cam with an awesome lobe to it. With flat top pistons and decked heads, compression is down right sweet. I don't have a lot of time for every little detail, and don't want to give away all my secrets. I finished the motor off with a Ford Racing polished intake, 670 cfm Holley Street Avenger carb, Flowtech long tube headers, 2 1/2 dual exhaust, Flowmaster mufflers, electronic ignition, and much much more.

Tranny is an FMX, which I do not like, but was told that it could be really nice if it was retweaked a little. I was thinking more of a t-5.

All of that is hooked up to the oh-so stout 9inch rear

Factory Options

Unfortunately this is just a plain jane Cougar. No XR-7, No Sport, nothing fancy. Thankfully it is a convertible. The car had 4 wheel manual drums, power steering, single exhaust, 2 barrel carb, bucket seats and power top. I think the only factory option my car had was a set of Magnum 500's instead of hubcaps! Yay!


Nothing really wild. The factory pee yellow was traded for a late model Dodge Caravan green. Door handles, and emblems were shaved. Power disc brakes up front were added. Motor was already talked about. It has a custom interior, and a custom trunk. Lots of little tasteful things done through out the whole build.

Future Mods include, rear discs, t-5 swap, rack and pinion, and if I relly feel like throwing away a ton of cash I may consider some kind of really cool 4 link setup, and maybe a paint color change. Who knows, and who has that kind of money.

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