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  • ccz2887 started a blog post The IROC scoop...

    The IROC scoop...

    Well here is the scoop on the IROC guys. Right now she is down for the count. I haven't gotten a whole lot done with her. I been very busy the las few months and haven't had the time to get new pics up of her current state up. when i do I must warn you...
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  • ccz2887 started a blog post no new developments

    no new developments

    Well no new stuff has been done to the isane buggy yet due to the lack of parts that I need, oh and the time which seems to be an issue at the moment. All the other vehicles decided to take a **** this year so I gotta monkey with them first (the IROC bein...
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  • ccz2887 started a blog post Man its been a while

    Man its been a while

    Man its been a while since i posted anything but here are some updates. My 74 gmc 1/2 ton is done and on the road, but now its in the prcess of getting a 7' Western plow addition to the front end. The IROC still hasn't made it to the garage yet. The...
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  • ccz2887 started a blog post update on the 74

    update on the 74

    Well the box for the 74 is starting to get sanded and prepped for paint. The shocks are on the front is completely done. I gotta change out the driver's side windshield wiper arm (under the windshield, it broke) . My dad and I want to find a bench seat...
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  • ccz2887 started a blog post Been busy on the 74

    Been busy on the 74

    Well since the IROC has been down I have been kicking some ass on the 74 GMC 1/2 ton truck we have. The driver's side is done on the inside, and the front fender is done, I just have to get some body filler, primer, paint and clear coat so that can get...
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