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  • chevy66babe started a blog post my latest trip

    my latest trip

    One of my loves besides classic cars is trains. I went with local RR group to AR to ride on ex-Frisco tracks. That's the RR my parents worked for and I'd never been in that area before. Train took us from Springdale, AR to Ft. Smith and return on one day...
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  • chevy66babe started a blog post sorry to all

    sorry to all

    I've went back to work at our local United Way for my usual few months during campaign, so I've fallen way behind on my mail. Sorry if I don't get to make comments often or even have time to look at albums, it alawys gets a little crazy for me around ths...
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  • chevy66babe started a blog post Babe needs help

    Babe needs help

    Lately Babe has been having a sluggish problem starting and my mechanic found that some sort of injector that puts fuel into carburetor is bad. He tried to find a kit for that part, but nothing fits. So he has the word out for a rebuilt carburetor or even...
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  • chevy66babe started a blog post Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Dell was able to fix my computer again. This time it was not a virus but a Windows glitch that shut down the system and they were able to restore it. I haven't been on because of working and tired when I come home, but did want to wish all my Motortopia...
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