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Cool Customs & Classics Gather at Half Moon Bay

ERIC SIMPSON October 12, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

Cool Customs & Classics Gather at Half Moon Bay

It was another spectacular show at Half Moon Bay with a wide range of “dream machines,” as well as some non-automotive modes of transportation. In addition to the main attractions, the event offered other entertaining activities as well as live music. This is a trip we make annually, and we’re already looking forward to next year.

Luis Garcia’s ’63 Plymouth Valiant, a ’50s Austin-Healey 100 and a ’66 Ford Anglia 123e.

Ken Harlan’s ’60 Corvette
Albert Teixeira’s ’69
Now that’s a dream machine.
A wonderful ’62 owned by Don and Pat Dias
Rich Gibbons’ Shelby Cobra replica
’68 Volvo 122s
David Correia’s ’35 Plymouth PJ coupe
Pete Navarro’s wild ’65 El Camino
J. Marsh’s ’55 Gasser
Richard Steele’s ’57 Bel Air
Bruce Wyman’s ’25 Buick Sports roadster
Jose Ramos’ ’55 Ford F-100
Lucas Townsend’s ’39 Pontiac coupe
’36 International
Kurt Kraal’s Ford truck
As if the bed mount wasn’t enough, there were some rifles inside, too.
A Russian sidecar motorcycle
Jim and Minn Brink’s ’48 Willys Jeepster


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