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CRUISIN’ BREA: Annual classic car showtakes over Birch Street 

Roger Rohrdanz March 20, 2023 Events

Brea, began as an oil town and has grown into an important commercial and residential community.  

Brea was founded as a center of crude oil production and later, furthered by citrus production. Today Brea continues as a thriving retail center because of the Brea Mall and other brick-and-morter businesses.

Besides commerce, Brea is also known for its extensive public art program beginning in 1975 and continuing today. The program features over 140 artworks in the collection placed throughout the city.

The city of Brea and its residents are proud of the revitalized downtown district with many acres of shopping and entertainment.

This ’48 Ford F-6 COE uses a 3” chopped 1980 Chevy crew cab and dump bed. Owner and builder Alan Yee from Kaneohe, Hawaii, powered the COE with a 500ci Cadillac and dual 871 blowers! The motorcycle in the bed is also done to perfection.

The Cruisin’ Brea Father’s Day event was held on Birch Street which has an updated style that is eclectic and vibrant with many shops, restaurants, taverns, and two vintage-inspired movie theaters that create a unique backdrop for the classic cars parked along Birch Street.

There were many great examples of hot rods, muscle cars, exotics and vintage automobiles lining the Birch Street promenade.

The air was filled with music from an on site DJ that added a background beat for the gathering of folks enjoying the event.

The Annual Cruisin’ Brea is one worth attending. Mark your calendars for next year. And in the meantime, come experience some of Brea’s many amenities.

Thanks for the Show!!

This clean ’56 Ford Fairlane belongs to Tony Colombini

“T Rex” is an original steel ’26 Ford “T” Coupe packing six, 97s on a 671 blown 394ci Olds. The owner is Gene Palmer of Anaheim, CA

Owner Randy Palmer posted a 28 item list of mods made to his recently completed, gorgeous ’55 Chevy Nomad

Marsha Duncan’s beautiful ’28 Ford mail truck has a masterfully injected 383 Chevy under that tiny hood

“Optical Illusion” is Bryan and Nicki Davis’s remarkable, blown 351 Ford powered ’69 Ford Mustang Fastback

Owner/Cartoonist Ron Berry began his “Surf Seeker” with a  ’65 Bus front, the rest is steel. It has a 72” wheel base with 24” rims. The engine is blown and 2275cc. It has 23 windows and the license says “COOLISH”, overwhelming!!
Not your average station wagon! This ‘06 Dodge Magnum SRT8 includes custom flames, Lambo doors and the 425ci Dodge motor is “etched”. The owner is Erik Degrate from Paramount, CA

Robert Wong shows off his ’29 Chevy Rat Rod!!

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