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Diesel World Magazine Appoints Tucker Harris as New Editor-at-Large

Chris Hamilton July 12, 2023 Diesel World

Diesel World Magazine, a leading publication catering to the custom and performance diesel vehicle enthusiast community, is excited to announce the appointment of Tucker Harris as its new Editor-at-Large. With his deep knowledge of the diesel lifestyle and extensive experience as a content creator, Tucker brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise to the magazine.

Tucker Harris is a young and accomplished individual who has established himself as a prominent figure in the custom and performance diesel vehicle enthusiast scene. Best known as a key member of Mach1 Media, a team of passionate automotive-focused content creators, Tucker has been actively involved in producing engaging and informative content for magazine titles under the Engaged Media umbrella for over five years.

With his unparalleled dedication to the diesel vehicle community, Tucker has built a strong reputation for his insightful reviews, comprehensive technical articles, and captivating feature stories. His understanding of the latest trends and innovations in the diesel industry will undoubtedly help Diesel World Magazine continue to provide its readers with cutting-edge content.

As the new Editor-at-Large, Tucker Harris will lead Diesel World Magazine’s editorial direction, overseeing the creation of compelling articles, expert analysis, and captivating visual content. He will work closely with the talented team of writers, photographers, and editors to ensure that Diesel World remains at the forefront of diesel vehicle culture and provides readers with the most relevant and inspiring content.

“I am thrilled to join Diesel World Magazine as the Editor-at-Large,” said Tucker Harris. “Diesel vehicles have a unique place in the automotive world, and I am excited to contribute to the growth and development of this incredible community. I look forward to working with the dedicated team at Diesel World and continuing to deliver high-quality content that resonates with diesel enthusiasts worldwide.”

“We are delighted to have Tucker Harris join Diesel World Magazine,” said Chris Hamilton, Publisher at Engaged Media. “His passion for diesel vehicles, combined with his exceptional talent for creating engaging content, make him the ideal candidate to lead our editorial team. We are confident that Tucker’s fresh perspective and deep understanding of the diesel lifestyle will elevate Diesel World to new heights.”

Tucker Harris’s appointment as Editor-at-Large signifies Diesel World Magazine’s commitment to providing its readers with the most compelling and informative content in the custom and performance diesel vehicle enthusiast community. With Tucker’s expertise and vision, Diesel World is set to reach new milestones and strengthen its position as the premier destination for diesel enthusiasts worldwide.

About Diesel World Magazine:
Diesel World Magazine is a renowned publication dedicated to the custom and performance diesel vehicle enthusiast lifestyle. With in-depth features, technical articles, and expert analysis, Diesel World provides readers with the latest trends, product reviews, and industry news. As a trusted source of information, Diesel World has been a go-to resource for diesel enthusiasts since its inception.

Media Contact:
[Chris Hamilton]
[Engaged Media]

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