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ECD Auto Design Project Dallas Commission

Chris Hamilton January 18, 2024 Drive Online

A Timeless Marvel Reborn

In the realm of automotive design, where the marriage of classic beauty and modern engineering takes center stage, ECD Auto Design stands as a revered master. With a legacy built on restoring and enhancing Land Rovers to unparalleled luxury, ECD now makes a resounding entry into a new chapter, gracing the world with their inaugural bespoke Jaguar E-Type, aptly named Project Dallas Commission.

The journey into this enchanting piece of automotive artistry begins with ECD’s distinctive touch, where they offer a white-glove experience, spanning a meticulous 2,200 hours of dedication. Clients are presented with the choice of a Series II or Series III E-Type, alongside the option of a roadster or coupe. This is where the magic truly begins, as ECD embraces the spirit of personalization, allowing clients to choose their own adventure.

A Symphony of Choices:

The canvas is wide open as clients delve into the realm of customization. From exterior paint hues that evoke nostalgia to the fine details of gauges, clients can curate their dream Jaguar E-Type. The interior transforms into a haven of elegance, where Spinneybeck leather, heated OEM-style seats, and a Trophy original-style steering wheel combine to create an ambiance reminiscent of classic Hollywood.

Under the historic Jaguar green exterior of Project Dallas Commission throbs the heart of modern engineering. A Corvette LT1 engine, coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission, ushers in a driving experience that’s both nostalgic and contemporary. It’s the perfect synergy between old-world charm and modern performance, offering a roadster that’s ready to embrace the bi-coastal weekend adventures in style.

ECD doesn’t merely transport us back in time; they infuse the Project Dallas Commission with advanced technology, including Bluetooth, push start button, blind spot assistance, and automatic headlights. It’s a beautiful synthesis of the past and the future, a testament to ECD’s commitment to redefining what it means to restore and enhance classic vehicles.

ECD’s commitment to crafting exquisite automotive masterpieces is evident in their plan to hand-build only 10 to 12 custom E-Type builds each year. This exclusivity ensures that each creation receives the undivided attention it deserves, allowing ECD to maintain their unwavering standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Project Dallas Commission is not just another car; it’s an experience, a journey through time and innovation, all wrapped in the resplendent elegance of a legendary E-Type. For those who seek a restored Jaguar E-Type like no other, a visit to ECD’s immersive luxury design experience is the first step toward owning a masterpiece that transcends eras.

Discover more about the art of restoration and luxury at Project Dallas Commission is the embodiment of ECD’s dedication to creating bespoke, one-of-a-kind vehicles that merge classic allure with modern performance.


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