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Event Broadcast 2024

Welcome to the heart-pounding, tire-squealing, adrenaline-fueled world of automotive passion!

In 2024, Motortopia proudly presents an unparalleled journey through the nation's most thrilling automotive spectacles. Twelve months, twelve extraordinary events, and one YouTube channel that's revving up to ignite your enthusiasm! From the roar of the racetrack to the rugged terrains of off-road marvels, and the glitz of show-stopping vehicle builds, Motortopia is your front-row ticket to the automotive enthusiast's dream.

Our mission is clear: we'll capture every moment, every machine, and every memory, distilling it into a high-octane 45-minute broadcast video for each month of 2024. We've handpicked the twelve best automotive events that cater to the passionate cultures of off-road adventurers, speed demons, and showoffs.

Our goal? To deliver heart-pounding content that leaves your adrenaline racing and your audience begging for more.

Now, it's your turn to rev up the engines of opportunity. Our Media Kit is your golden ticket to align your brand with the most dynamic automotive content on the web. Partner with Motortopia and put your name in the fast lane of automotive excitement.

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  • Optional 3-minute interview with your rep on site during filming
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Custom 5-Minute Interview Package ⮞ $1,000
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Standard + Highlights & Web Article Package ⮞ $2,500
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Presented By Package ⮞ $5,000
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  • You receive the interview video file after the event broadcast
  • Your interview is published as a reel to over 1 million viewers via social media, YouTube, and other outlets post event broadcast.

Multi-Event Package Discounts Available - Contact Your Sales Rep For More Info


PRI Show:
Where Racing Innovation Thrives

The PRI Show, the apex of racing business events, is a turbocharged showcase of cutting-edge parts and technology. For three electrifying days in December, it's where industry mavens converge. Dive into a high-octane world of limitless networking and forge face-to-face connections with racing's leading lights. If racing fuels your business, the PRI Show is your pit stop for success!

Check out last years event broadcast here!



King of The Hammers:
Where Off-Road Legends Are Made

Prepare for an off-road spectacle like no other! King of The Hammers is the epicenter of off-road racing. These visionary founders pioneered the renowned Ultra4 Racing series and crafted the most grueling week of single-day, off-road showdowns on the planet. What began as a friendly competition amongst 12 teams, vying for little more than bragging rights and a case of beer, has evolved into an adrenaline-charged showdown featuring over 530 teams. With a live audience of 80,000 and an online viewership reaching 2 million, King of The Hammers is off-road racing at its zenith.

Check out last years event broadcast here!



Lone Star Throwdown:
Where Custom Truck Dreams Come to Life

Get ready to roll into the heart of Texas for the Lone Star Throwdown, an event that has auto enthusiasts across the nation counting down the days! Nestled in Conroe, Texas, this annual extravaganza is a hot ticket, selling out quickly with a jaw-dropping 2,000 vehicles on display.

Over three action-packed days, car and truck lovers from every corner of the country come together to celebrate their shared passion. The Lone Star Throwdown is more than an event; it's an automotive festival featuring music, tantalizing food, and, at its core, a mind-blowing showcase of custom-built trucks.

Check out last years event broadcast here!



Motortopia Media Day:
Where Innovation Meets Inspiration in a Single Day

This exclusive, single-day gathering brings together the titans of the industry, including top manufacturers and influencers, for a day of unparalleled content creation and collaboration.

Picture this: the most influential voices in the automotive world mingling with the industry's heavyweights, all in one place. Motortopia Media Day is an invite-only affair where we roll out the red carpet for the créme de la créme of automotive influencers and the giants of manufacturing.

Motortopia Media Day is more than an event; it's an opportunity to witness the convergence of creativity, passion, and expertise in the automotive universe. Join us for a day of fun and excitement that will leave a lasting mark on the industry.



The Mini Truck Nationals:
Where Mini-Truck Dreams Roar to Life

Get ready to experience mini-truck magic like never before at The Mini Truck Nationals! Held amidst the picturesque Maggie Valley Festival Grounds in North Carolina, this event is a show-and-shine extravaganza with over 700 custom mini-trucks gathered in one place, all shining under the Carolina sun. The demand is so incredible that tickets sell out within days of the presale launch.

During this automotive spectacle, the streets of Maggie Valley buzz with the roar of mini-truck dreams brought to life. From sleek modifications to awe-inspiring customizations, each mini-truck tells a unique story. It's a haven for enthusiasts who come from all corners of the country to admire these compact masterpieces.

Check out last years event broadcast here!



Ultimate Callout Challenge:
Where Diesel Dominance Meets Unmatched Power

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate showdown in the world of diesel performance – the Ultimate Callout Challenge! This is not just an event; it's a gathering of the most powerful, most innovative, and most daring diesel trucks from across the globe.

In this high-stakes challenge, diesel enthusiasts converge to witness a fierce competition where horsepower is king. From dyno tests that push engines to their limits to drag races that blur the line between speed and sheer force, the Ultimate Callout Challenge is the crucible where diesel dominance is tested.

Check out last years event broadcast here!



Big Bear Bronco Bash:
Where Freedom Meets Bronco Passion

Prepare to unleash your Bronco spirit and embark on an adventure like no other at the Big Bear Bronco Bash, hosted by So Cal Bronco. Now celebrating its remarkable 22nd year, "The Bash" is more than an event-it's a weekend-long gathering of Bronco enthusiasts who come together to hit the trails, hang out, and celebrate their shared passion.

Join us at Big Bear Bronco Bash and experience the freedom of the open trail, the warmth of community, and the unbridled passion for all things Bronco. It's a gathering like no other, where the Bronco spirit runs wild and free.



EV Drag Racing:
Electrifying the Dragstrip

Get ready to witness a groundbreaking event that's set to redefine the world of motorsport. EV Drag Racing is all about taking electric vehicles to the dragstrip for a day of electrifying modern racing. It's a pioneering event that will bring together a dazzling array of electric vehicles, ranging from customized OEM electric vehicles to EV retrofit classics and modern marvels.

As the first of its kind in the electric vehicle industry, EV Drag Racing promises to be an exhilarating experience that pushes the boundaries of what's possible with electric power. It's a showcase of innovation, speed, and the future of racing-all while embracing sustainable and clean energy.

Join us at this historic event and witness the roar of electric motors as they tear down the dragstrip. It's a race to the future, where horsepower meets eco-conscious performance. Stay tuned for a thrilling ride into the electric revolution!



Scheid Diesel Extravaganza:
Where Diesel Power Reigns Supreme

Prepare to be immersed in the world of raw, unbridled diesel power at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. This annual event is a high-octane celebration of all things diesel, where enthusiasts and industry leaders converge to witness and participate in the ultimate diesel spectacle.

Join us at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza and experience the adrenaline, the horsepower, and the camaraderie that define the diesel lifestyle. It's a celebration of power, precision, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the world of diesel.

Check out last years event broadcast here!



Triple Crown of Rodding:
Where Hot Rods Rule the Road

Prepare for a spectacular showcase of automotive craftsmanship and classic style at Triple Crown of Rodding! This event is a tribute to the timeless appeal of hot rods and the dedicated enthusiasts who bring them to life.

Join us at Triple Crown Rodding and immerse yourself in the world of timeless automotive design, where every curve, every detail, and every engine rumble pays homage to the golden age of American hot rodding.



The Monster Energy TRAIL HERO:
Off-Roading Adventure in Greater Zion

Prepare for an off-roading experience like no other at The Monster Energy TRAIL HERO Powered by Greater Zion. This family-oriented event, set against the stunning backdrop of Utah's Sand Hollow State Park.

Join us at The Monster Energy TRAIL HERO Powered by Greater Zion and embark on an off-roading adventure that will take you through awe-inspiring landscapes and leave you with a profound appreciation for the great outdoors.

Check out last year's event broadcast here!



Dino's Git Down:
Where Classic Chevy Trucks Steal the Show

What started as a modest shop gathering and BBQ among close friends and family has evolved into a national phenomenon and one of the largest congregations of classic Chevy trucks in the nation. Picture over 5,000 Chevy trucks coming together in one place-an automotive spectacle that left spectators and enthusiasts alike in awe.

Join us at Dino's Git Down and be part of a gathering that's become an icon in the world of classic trucks. It's a celebration of history, craftsmanship, and the enduring legacy of Chevy's iconic trucks