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2024 Woodward Dream Show

Motortopia Staff, January 31st 2024

Event Info

M1 Concourse blends style and speed, offering the perfect automotive events and entertainment venue at our 87-acre property including a motorsports community of garages and its own private Motorsports Club. This state-of-the-art facility features indoor and outdoor spaces that overlook the 1.5-mile circuit. M1 can transform any event into a one-of-a-kind exclusive experience. The M1 Concourse is conveniently located on the legendary Woodward Ave. in the city of Pontiac and is 20 miles North of Detroit. At the 2023 Woodward Dream Show, there were more than 650 cars on-site, a concert, a flyover, parachuters and so much more. 28 classes of cars were voted on by the onsite attendees with an Award Ceremony occurring Friday afternoon. In short, M1 Concourse is the epicenter of all things automotive in Metro Detroit, providing a place where enthusiasts can keep, show, and exercise their vehicles in the company of other enthusiasts!

Event Date

Start: Aug 16 2024

End: Aug 17 2024

Event Venue


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