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Exploring the Latest Auto Accessories: Wheels, Filters, Tools, Brakes, and Lights

BRANDON BURRELL September 25, 2023 Buyer’s Guides

US Mags Street Heat Wheel Line

The ’90s called. They want their wheels back. Check out the all-new Street Heat Series from US Mags. Featuring a two-piece billet construction and inspired by the white-hot styles of the retro mini-truck scene, these six new designs are just in time for summer show season. They’re available in 17- through 28-inch sizes with custom offsets and polished finish. For scorching style and attitude that’s worth the burn, the US Mags Heat Series delivers.

US Mags

Fuel Filter

System 1 Filtration Products offers a wide selection of inline fuel filters for competition and street applications. They range in size from the large diameter long filter at 9x 2 1/2 inches to the compact Pro Street model that measures 4 1/2 inches long by 2 inches in diameter. All are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet at System 1’s Tulare, California, facility and black anodized.

System 1 Filters

Easy Access Spark Plug Socket

Do you ever find yourself fighting to change a spark plug because of aftermarket headers or just simply limited space? Parker Speed has just what you need! This innovative new spark plug socket is designed specifically for tight spaces. No more crushing header tubes or modifying your tools just to do a tune-up. This socket has an “access” window on the side that allows the socket to be installed on the spark plug at a steep angle, bypassing any obstacles that might be in the way.

Parker Speed

’73-’87 Tilt Column

Flaming River now offers an integrated ignition key right into the tilt column. The key is located at the 3 o’clock position just like you would expect from Flaming River. No welded-on attachments or extra relays. Flaming River manufactures the column complete with a GM-coded key assembly and wiring and ignition switch made from state-of-the-art all-new components. It fits 1973-’87 Chevy/GMC truck applications (C/K10,
C/K20, C/K1500/2500). They’re available as a floor shift key column or column shift key column. Available finishes include paintable stainless, black powdercoat, and polished stainless. Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen.

Flaming River

Rear Disc Brakes

Swapping your 1960-’91 GM truck’s rear drum brakes for disc brakes is a great way to improve its stopping power. It’s also easy thanks to LEED Brakes Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits. The kits are designed to fit factory 15-inch wheels as well as most aftermarket 15-inch and larger wheels.

Summit Racing Equipment

Hitch Light

Add significantly more light output when backing up at night with Diode Dynamics’ Stage Series HitchMount Reverse Light Kit. This kit allows you to mount one SSC1 or C1R LED pod in your 2-inch trailer hitch receiver, adding a high-power reverse light, additional running light, and an optional fourth brake light with the C1R option. With the included wiring harness, this kit connects to your vehicle’s factory trailer hitch wiring for simple, everyday operation.

Diode Dynamics


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