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Roger Rohrdanz October 11, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

The 49th Annual Event is a True Classic

At the crack of dawn, vintage, classic and hot rod cars started arriving at Potter Junior High in Fallbrook, California for the 49th annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show. This Memorial Day event is one of the more popular San Diego County shows, especially because it’s free to spectators and there’s free parking.

More than 250 cars gathered at the school, and they were efficiently directed to their parking places on the grass. If you got there early, the Firefighters’ Association had breakfast available. Other food vendors were also on-hand, as well as a lot of interesting sellers displaying their wares throughout the day at the swap meet.

This year’s event poster was done by Jim Krogle.
More than 250 vehicles were in attendance, efficiently parked for easy spectating.
This ’38 Buick C-40 Phaeton, four-door sedan convertible (here and below) has no B-pillar. It can be removed when the windows are down.

The Fallbrook Vintage Car Club, which organized the event, even made sure the weather was very nice with temps in the mid-70s and blue skies. There’s nothing like fine weather to help you appreciate incredible custom cars, as you’ll see in the photos that follow. This year’s featured vehicles were 1955-61 finned Mopars, and if you tired of admiring all of the classic rides, there was superb music courtesy of DJ Brett Harrell and his High Energy Sound Machine.’

There weren’t only vintage cars on display—Fallbrook firefighting equipment was on hand to cool off all the hot cars.
This clean ’57 Pontiac Star Chief Custom Safari belongs to Mike Johnson from Fallbrook.

Charlie Buel brought his ’15 Model T Ford Calliope.
The bugs loved Tom and Bev Glavas’ Yellow ’29 Ford roadster pickup also from Fallbrook.

Those of us who are “age challeanged” know that tire hanging off the rear of Victor Risling’s ’55 Ford Sunliner is called a continental kit.

One of the featured cars, a finned ’58 Plymouth Belvedere four-door owned by Joseph Ventura of San Diego.

A 25-hp ’12 Regal underslung owned by Anne and Bill Ottemann from Fallbrook.’

Several of the true vintage cars grouped together


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