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Fellten Collaborates with Morgan Motor Company to produce battery for XP-1, a new experimental prototype electric Morgan

Motortopia Staff December 15, 2023 Press Release

Fellten, vehicle electrification innovators, today shared details of its collaboration with Morgan Motor Company. In a ground-breaking move blending tradition with innovation, Fellten has supported Morgan Motor Company in developing the electric XP-1 prototype, showcasing the seamless integration of Fellten’s cutting-edge battery technology. This collaboration comes on the heels of Fellten’s remarkable achievement at the 2023 SEMA Show, where its Universal Battery Pack UBP55E received the prestigious Global Media Award.

The Morgan XP-1, a prototype electric three-wheeler, embodies a perfect blend of Morgan’s unique sports car ethos and Fellten’s advanced electric technology. The XP-1, based on the platform of the Super 3, operates on a sophisticated 33kWh battery system provided by Fellten, ensuring a lightweight build and dynamic performance.


Fellten’s contribution to the XP-1 includes a state-of-the-art battery pack and battery management system, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the vehicle’s lightweight architecture. The integration of these systems testifies to Fellten’s capability in adapting to the specific needs of unique vehicle designs for concepts and as a Tier One supplier to the automotive industry.

Further cementing its status as a leader in electric re-powering technology, Fellten’s UBP55E Universal Battery Pack, a 55kWh high-density battery system, was honoured with the Global Media Award at the 2023 SEMA Show (USA) – showcasing Fellten’s excellence in engineering, offering versatility for a range of classic vehicles, from muscle cars to 4x4s.

Both the XP-1 battery system and the UBP55E are designed for efficiency and ease of integration, featuring an in-built CCS rapid charging, advanced thermal management, and robust power delivery – and manufactured in Bristol, UK.


Morgan’s Commitment to Electrification

XP-1 is a statement of intent to Morgan’s electric future. The company is embarking on an electrification journey, with XP-1 playing a fundamental role in the development process of future electric Morgan sports cars. The firm is committed to producing electric sports cars that are lightweight, fun to drive, coachbuilt, and bespoke. Characteristics that have become synonymous with its models since 1909.

Matthew Hole, Chief Technical Officer of Morgan Motor Company, said, “It has been great to be able to work with industry-leading experts like Fellten to provide a one-off battery for our new electric experimental prototype, XP-1. We are immensely proud to be sharing XP-1 with the world and showcasing some of the first-class engineering that takes place behind the scenes at Morgan. As we embark on our electric journey, this prototype will become a focal point of the engineering and design process, providing a wealth of insight and helping to build up our in-house EV capability. We are in no doubt that we can ensure future electric Morgan sports cars retain the core appeal of our current range, meaning they are fun to drive, lightweight, handcrafted, and bespoke. We will be relentless in our pursuit of preserving these characteristics for our customers for generations to come”.

Chris Hazell, Fellten CEO, said: “Fellten’s collaboration with Morgan Motor Company on the XP-1 prototype underscores our commitment to leading the conversion-to-electric revolution. We are dedicated to innovation and quality, striving to blend tradition with modern technology on a large scale. We invite trade and industry partners to join us in shaping an electrified, sustainable future.”

Key Features:

Capacity: 33kWh Nominal Voltage: 302v Peak Discharge: 46kW CCS Charge Rate: 50kW Weight: 230kg Protection: IP67


About Fellten:
Formerly known as Zero EV, Fellten drives innovation in sustainable energy solutions. With engineering, development, and production rooted in Bristol, Great Britain, they offer OEM and aftermarket custom battery packs for various sectors, including vehicle electrification and marine. They are rapidly expanding their global footprint, with branches in Melbourne, Australia, and a significant presence in the USA.

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