There are a lot  of “what ifs” in everyone’s lives. It goes hand in hand with “coulda, shoulda, woulda.” When it comes to concept cars, it’s natural to say, “They should make that. I’d buy one.” That was said about the cars that would become the Sting Ray, Thunderbird, Fairlane 500, Torino, Mustang, Viper, Prowler, EV-1, Nomad and the Batmobile.  This process, however, has also given us the PT Cruiser, Mustang II, Neon, Corvair and Edsel.

No production car has received more notable concept variations than the Ford Mustang. Since its first clay model mockup in 1961, there have been hundreds of wild and some wacky idea about its future look and possible appeal.

There have been two-seaters, targa toppers, chop tops, altered wheelbases and even a station wagon version. Some elements ultimately found their way into production. Other ideas were, thankfully, sent to the scrap heap.

As we close out this issue, here’s a look at some concept Mustangs that could have been.