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FULL Event Coverage from Classic Truck Throwdown

Mike Alexander October 13, 2023 Chevrolet

FINALLY! A Pre-’98 Version of LST!

This is something we’ve anticipated for quite a while now! As Lone Star Throwdown has exploded over the last decade, the amazing crew at LST saw a need to split up the show a bit and dedicate an event for classic trucks with a pre-’98 cutoff. Thrown by the same crew as Lone Star Throwdown in the same location, the Classic Truck Throwdown was something special and something we wanted to jump in on from the start.

Now, we all know that first-year events are a tough sell to get people to take the chance and come out for a weekend—especially in the mid-summer June/July heat that is certainly a Texas specialty. But rolling in on Friday and wandering the vast showgrounds of the Conroe, Texas-based Lone Star Expo Center, we already knew that this would be a killer weekend!

It was a bit more intimate in all the right ways. There wasn’t a bunch of loud and obnoxious lifted trucks rolling around and blocking the views—now, don’t get us wrong. We love custom lifted trucks, too, but this was definitely a welcome change of pace here. Classic C10’s were scattered across the grounds in every corner, and we were already feeling the love all around us. There was a ton to see and do with the air-conditioned vendor areas (those A/C bathrooms came in handy, right Eddy?! Haha), family fun and food, and of course, just a more mellow vibe all weekend long.

With some big names jumping on board with the Classic Truck Throwdown from the beginning, we knew this show would be one to permanently add to our show calendars. Special thanks go to all of the LST/Classic Throwdown crew for the hospitality as well as the companies that allowed all of us to keep doing what we love—companies like Auto Metal Direct, Air Lift Performance, Alamo Customs, Mobile Toys Inc., Acme Chassis, Renegade Products, Raceline Wheels, Octane & Iron, Belltech, Garage Gear Clothing, Stone Fab, and many others in attendance for this first-year success. We’ll see ya’ll next year!


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