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Chris Hamilton January 03, 2024 Chevrolet

When it comes to the world of diesel trucks, performance and style go hand in hand. Fusion Bumpers understands this synergy perfectly and presents an exceptional line of custom-built bumpers tailored exclusively for diesel trucks. Each bumper in this lineup boasts a range of standard features that cater to the specific needs of diesel truck enthusiasts. From precision craftsmanship to rugged functionality, Fusion Bumpers offers a diverse range of options to amplify your truck’s capabilities and aesthetics. Fusion Bumpers offers mounting options for a variety of lighting manufacturers including Rigid Industries, Baja Designs, Infinite Off Road, FCK Light Bars, and Off Road Led Bars.

We here at Diesel World magazine are big supporters of the cool look and enhanced safety that Fusion Bumpers offer, so we decided to break down all the best bumpers this great company has to offer.

01. GLADIATOR SERIES SUPER DUTY FRONT 2017-2022: Unleash the Gladiator Spirit

The Gladiator Series takes customization to a new level with stainless steel mesh inserts for a distinct appearance. It features a trapezoid fog light area cutout with stainless steel mesh insert panels and optional trim plates for further personalization. This bumper’s unique design incorporates an FCK 20-inch Single Row light bar, FCK 3-inch Cube Lights, and maintains its Adaptive Cruise Control compatibility.

02. SUPER DUTY FRONT 2017-2022: Innovation in Motion

Designed for the latest Super Duty models, this bumper integrates seamlessly with your truck. It accommodates Rigid Industries 6-inch Single Row lights, staggered for optimal lighting, and includes an optional Rigid Industries 20-inch Single Row light. The center vent with a stainless steel mesh insert panel enhances airflow to the factory intercoolers, while being Adaptive Cruise Control compatible. Winch mount options extend up to a Warn 16.5 TI for versatile utility.

03. SUPER DUTY FRONT 2011-2016: Redefined Toughness

Updated in 2022 to elevate its strength and profile, the Super Duty Front bumper is a testament to Fusion Bumpers’ commitment to excellence. The base bumper is accompanied by clevis mounts, Infinite Off-Road 6-inch Single Row lights staggered across, and an optional Infinite Off-Road 20-inch Single Row Light. It supports multiple winch mount options, including up to a Warn 16.5, making it the ultimate choice for heavy-duty hauling and off-road adventures.

04. PROJECT X SUPER DUTY FRONT BUMPER 2017-2022: Sleek Power

For those seeking a sleek profile without compromising function, the Project X bumper delivers. With its low profile, it includes 4-inch OLB LED fog lights and a 30-inch OLB Dual Row LED bar. While clevis mounts are not available, the easy installation and entry-level pricing make it an appealing choice for truck enthusiasts.

05. SUPER DUTY FRONT 2008-2010: Strength Redefined

Updated for better strength and fitment, this Super Duty Front bumper features Rigid Industries 6-inch Single Row Lights, staggered for optimal illumination and clevis mounts. Additions include an optional 20-inch Single Row center light and a Pre Runner-Bar. Its enhanced design supports multiple winch mount options up to a Warn 12K.

06. DODGE FRONT 1994-2002: Bold and Versatile

Revamped to support a 20-inch center light, the Dodge Front bumper offers clevis mounts, a Pre Runner-Bar option, Rigid Industries Dually fog lights staggered, and a license plate mount. This bumper can also accommodate a winch option up to a Warn 12k, providing versatility for your truck’s needs.

07. DODGE HEAVY DUTY FRONT 2006-2009: Pioneering Excellence

This bumper’s pioneering design marked the beginning of Fusion Bumpers’ legacy. The base bumper is equipped with clevis mounts and Rigid Industries 4-inch E-Series lights (Vertical). It supports a winch option up to Warn 12K, making it a formidable choice for heavy-duty applications.

08. RAM HEAVY DUTY FRONT 2019-2022: Performance and Elegance

Designed to enhance both performance and aesthetics, the RAM Heavy Duty Front bumper boasts a base bumper with clevis mounts, and a center vent with a stainless steel mesh insert panel. Optional Monster Hooks, Rigid Industries 20-inch Single Row light, and 6-inch Single Row fog lights further elevate its functionality and appeal.

09. GMC HD GLADIATOR SERIES 2015-2019: Unleash the Gladiator Spirit

The GMC HD Gladiator Series bumper combines style and utility with its trapezoid fog light area cutout and stainless steel mesh insert. Rigid Industries Dually XL fog lights and an optional Pre-Runner Bar enhance its rugged appearance. This bumper supports a winch option up to Warn 12K.

10. GMC HD FRONT 2020-2023: Cutting-Edge Utility

This bumper embraces modern technology with front parking sensors and Rigid Industries Q-Series fog lights. It includes a center vent with a stainless steel mesh insert panel, accommodating the factory intercoolers. Clevis mounts with optional Monster Swivel Hooks further enhance its practicality.

11. CHEVY HD FRONT 2003-2007: Bold Elegance

A fusion of strength and style, this bumper features a base bumper with clevis mounts and accommodates 3-inch LED cube lights. The option for a stainless steel mesh insert panel adds another layer of customization. It supports a winch option up to Warn 12K.

12. CHEVY HD FRONT 2015-2019: Unmatched Performance

This bumper combines clevis mounts, a center vent with a stainless steel mesh insert panel, and Rigid Industries 6-inch Single Row fog lights. Front parking sensor provisions and a 20-inch single row light mount (optional) enhance its practicality. It’s winch capable up to Warn 12K.

13. CHEVY HD FRONT 2020-2022: Power and Versatility

With clevis mounts and optional Monster Swivel Hook, this bumper offers versatile utility. The inclusion of OLB 6-inch Single Row lights and an OLB 20-inch Single Row light in the vent area further enhance its capabilities. Front parking sensor provisions and a block heater provision (optional) add to its practicality.

Fusion Bumpers’ comprehensive lineup for diesel trucks encapsulates the essence of power, durability, and style. With diverse options tailored to each truck’s specific model, you can choose the bumper that best reflects your truck’s personality. Scan the QR code to order online and experience the Fusion Bumpers advantage today.


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