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Go Rhino’s Xplor Series Lights Up the Off-Road Scene

Anya Murphy November 28, 2023 Feature Stories

Enhance Exploration with Go Rhino’s New Xplor Lighting

The crew at Go Rhino has been working on some new and exciting things that are coming our way. The shining star — literally? Their all-new Xplor Series lighting lineup. “At Go Rhino, we believe that exploring the unseen is more than just a pastime: it’s a passion that brings people together, tests their limits, and teaches the true meaning of adventure,” they explain. We agree completely, and we know that there are some essentials you need to explore in the dark, quality lighting being one of them.

Go Rhino released something unique with their Blackout Series and Blackout Combo Series lighting options. For those who like the blacked out look, these lights are for you. If that is not your thing, then the Bright Series is your genre. Both work with the compatible Go Rhino Switch Controller, to make a one-stop-shop opportunity and have it all work together seamlessly. Let’s dive into Go Rhino’s latest lighting evolutions: the Xplor Blackout Series, Blackout Combo Series, Bright Series, and Flash Series.

Blackout Series

The Blackout Series offers more than just one innovative upgrade to your lighting system. Their high-pressure, cast aluminum housings double as heat sinks, preventing overheating. Also, all-black reflectors reduce glare. Not to mention, the smooth polycarbonate lenses are stronger and more durable than glass or plastic making them offer greater resistance to scratching and impacts.The lenses are also UV coated, making them more weather-resistant.

The OSRAM LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours and are IP68 certified to fight off dust and moisture for unlimited outdoor use. Plus, all black stainless steel mounting hardware and brackets give the whole setup a smooth, cohesive look. Each of the lighting options in this lineup are plug-n-play ready, with wire harness, fuse, and switch included.

CUBEIT 2 & 3

Available in spot or flood optics, these lights emit a bright white 6000K beam. While both lights use 4 LEDs, the smaller Cubeit 2 puts out 20 watts, while the Cubeit 3 emits 40 watts. The Cubeit 3 is a more traditional size with powerful light.


With a wide angle of diffusion ideal for rock lights, the Sideline emits a bright white 5700K Beam using a total of 70 watts. Perfect for ditch lights, the side LEDs throw a broad pattern. They are available in flood or spot optics, allowing you to dial in to your specific purpose.


Six 5-watt LEDs totaling 30 watts put out a bright white 6000k beam on the Sixline. It comes available in both spot or flood optics. Single stud mount as well as flush bezel mount options make it easy to mount anywhere you need extra illumination.


Available in 7- or 9-inch options, the Maxline and Maxround are the highest output options in the Xplor series. This is for the user looking for max power with max capabilities. The 9-inch Maxline  is rated at 144 watts while the 7-inch comes in at 108 watts. The 9-inch Maxround uses 170 watts to put out 14,280 raw lumens, while the 7-inch serves up 80 watts of power for 6,720 raw lumens. The blackout reflector and unique shape and style sets them apart.


The Singleline light bar comes in at just over 1.5 inches high, while the Doubleline – you guessed it – doubles it. Both light bars are available in 20-, 30-, or 40-inch options, with Singleline outputs ranging between 6,300 to 12,600 raw lumens. The Singleline light bar has side mount capability, is low profile to give a space saving powerhouse to fit anywhere on your vehicle. The Doubleline LED light bar comes in the same lengths as the Singleline, but with more robust power outputs, from 200, 300, and 400 watts, with some serious outputs of 16,800, 25,200, and 33,600 raw lumens respectively.

Blackout Combo Series

The Blackout Combo Series offers the same stealthy design as the Blackout Series, but with added color. While the Blackout Series puts out bright white light, the Combo Series lights also include amber and flashing amber.

Both Blackout options use the same OSRAM LEDs, with a white color temperature of 5700K, but the Blackout Combo also features R65 compliant amber warning lights, which also come with a strobe function. The Combos’ constant built-in white running/marker lights, or daytime running lights, have you covered for most on- or off-road driving, while the amber option gives necessary visibility in low-vis weather like rain, dust, and fog. The Blackout Combo Series is available in models Sideline, Sixline, Singleline, and Doubleline. They are just like the Blackouts in terms of wattage and output, but with the addition of amber LED marker lights that have both constant and flash capabilities to give users more versatility while out adventuring.

Bright Series

The Bright Series are the best bang for your buck when it comes to Go Rhino’s Xplor lineup. They’re just as reliable and high-quality as the Blackout Series, and a little friendlier on the wallet. The selection includes various sizes, models, and options to meet almost anyone’s needs. While delivering a more traditional look, the Bright Series has something for all your lighting needs. There are plenty of options for light bars, cube and rectangular lights for bumpers and a-pillars, and also round lights. Match any combination of lights to the Light Switch Controller and you’ll easily be lighting up the trail. The Bright Series is great for the user looking for the best ‘bang for the buck’ lighting in the Xplor lineup.


Cube 3 offers four interchangeable colored bezels as well as standard all-black construction and plug-n-play wiring. It’s sold in a set of 2 and available in flood and spot optics.

SIDELINE Rectangle

Available with all the same features as Cube 3 (except the colorful bezels), the Sideline Rectangle uses more LEDs to put out 75 watts. The sets of two are available in spot and flood optics, and it comes with a plug-n-play harness.

Large Rectangle & Small Rectangle

Each features aluminum housing, all black hardware and mounting brackets, and plug-n-play wire harness. Both are available with spot and flood optics, with LED configurations ranging from 2 for the small to 6 for the large. These also come in sets of two.

Single Row & Double Row

The same new & improved aluminum housing, and available in  combo optics (spot and flood). It features all black hardware and mounting brackets, plus plug-n-play wiring. These light bars are available in 20-, 30-, 40-, and 50-inch sizes.


The Round 6 offers all the benefits of the other Bright Series, and has both driving and spot optics in addition to spot capability. They come with integrated DRL functionality and a plug-n-play harness.


An ideal floodlight, the Square 5 comes as a set of two in the same great package with flood optics.

Light Switch ControlleR

The way to complete your Xplor Lighting collection is with a way to control all the lights. That’s where the Go Rhino 8-Channel Light Controller comes in. specifically designed for the off-road enthusiast and adventure seeker who wants to control all their accessories from a single compact unit. The controller features up to 8 channels with a sticker sheet to encourage customization to the user’s preference, whether lights or accessories. It also features a master on/off memory override center switch for those times you want to shut it all down quickly.

Flash Series

Small but mighty, the Flash Series offers a multi-function, white, red, and amber light bar in a tiny package. Less than 1 inch tall, it can function as a brake light, running light in white or amber, or a white flood light when needed.

Just like the Blackout series offerings, the Flash Series offers a high-pressure cast aluminum housing, patented all black opticals, no hardware, and a seamless polycarbonate lens. Available in 10-inch, 20-inch and 30-inch lengths, with adjustable mounting brackets included.


If your lighting setup has been lacking power, or you’re on the hunt for quality upgrades that won’t break the bank, check out the GoRhino Xplor series. From top-of-the-line Blackout and Blackout Combo to wallet-friendly Bright Series and more, Xplor offers tons of solutions sure to take your lighting setup to the next level. For more information or to shop the lineup, visit

Editor’s Note: A version of this article appeared in TREAD Nov/Dec 2023.

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