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Made In America : Behind the Scenes at GSI MACHINE AND FABRICATION

Chris Hamilton May 12, 2023 Made in America

From SEMA trucks to best-of-show winners at most events around the country, most of the top-built trucks on the planet have a GSI logo welded into their frame rails. Like almost any great business in this amazing country we call home, however, the road to respect wasn’t always so smooth. 

The team at GSI International has been designing and fabricating parts for classic trucks and cars since the shop opened in 2000. The team is passionate about hot rods and custom cars, and they have a mission to channel that passion into creating quality products. To support the growing demand of their highly engineered products, they officially launched GSI Machine & Fabrication in 2015 specializing in Chevy C10 air-ride suspension. Now they offer a full line of products for classic trucks and shipping to both domestic and international customers.

GSI’s 15,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona, supports its entire team of experienced product designers and machinists. Engineers, machinists and fabricators all work in the same building, and the design team proudly overlooks the shop floor. All of GSI’s products are proudly made in the USA from start to finish.
We love pulling up to a manufacturing facility and seeing a clean, bagged Square Body out front!
Before any fabrication begins, the crew at GSI will get as much information from you as possible to get an accurate quote together. They know every build is unique, so make sure to fill out as much information about your build as you can. It will help them get an accurate quote together so they can help you build the truck of your dreams.
GSI uses an AMADA America Inc. ENSIS Series fiber laser cutting system to process both thin and thick materials without a cutting lens change or manual setup.

Along with their own amazing line items, GSI is also an authorized dealer for Accuair, Budnik Wheels, CPP, Currie Enterprises, Ridetech and Wilwood. If you are looking for an air-ride suspension for 1955-1987 Square Body Chevy, head online and check out GSI after you join us on this behind the scenes tour. Let’s go!

This AMADA RG-M2 8024 Press Brake brings 88 U.S. tons of force to the techs at GSI.
GSI’s core competencies are machining all sizes and styles of castings and billet materials. The company’s engineers and programmers use Solidworks and GibbsCam software to design a variety of products.

It’s not hard to see why a GSI full chassis with coilover suspension starts at $15,250. Owners of a 1955-1987 truck should be eager to swap their frame rails for one of these full coilover chassis.

A wide range of patented technologies, fabricated parts and innovative capabilities instill confidence in GSI’s ability to design, develop and create.

There’s always something cool going on at the shop, and this visit was no letdown. This four-door C10 is going to be amazing!

The full chassis price for Air Ride Suspension is $13,500. The following products are included with the 1955 to 1987 Full Chassis with Air Ride Suspension:
1.Front Airlift D2600 airbags 2. Rear Firestone 9000 airbags 3. Boxed sheetmetal control arms 4. GSI tie rod adapter kit 5. GSI chassis stiffener 6. Billet watts link 7. Four-link 8. Notch and bridge 9. Frame rails 10. Shocks 11. Upper and lower ball joints 12. Carrier bearing mount 13. Spindles 14. Mustang II steering rack (Aftermarket premium Flaming River Steering Rack available) 15. SB engine mounts (LS Engine Mounts available to add) 16. Axle housing
Again, if you are interested in purchasing a full chassis from GSI Machine and Fabrication for your ’55-’87 GM, GSI is available to help you—so don’t hesitate to reach out!


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