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Highlights of the 46th F-100 Supernationals

Devan Ence December 08, 2023 Buyer’s Guides

New Management, Innovative Changes

From Sept. 21-23, 2023, the Sevierville Convention Center in Tennessee became a haven for Ford enthusiasts as it played host to the 46th F-100 Supernationals and All Ford Show. Under the new management of the Blackwell Brothers, this year’s edition unveiled innovative changes, making the show grander than before.

A notable shift was observed in the division of the 1967-1972 truck class due to an overwhelming 170 trucks in last year’s event. The division now recognizes trucks from 1967-1969 separately from those from 1970-1972. Another significant introduction was the recognition of four “Patina” classes.

The much-anticipated F-100 Takeover “Night Out” event marked its debut this year, treating participants to a delightful evening at the Hard Rock Café followed by a scenic cruise. The raffle of a roaring 351W performance-built engine became an instant highlight, with a lucky couple from Kentucky clinching the prize.

This year’s event surpassed previous records with 560 registered trucks and a few cars, marking the highest attendance at this venue. The swap meet doubled in size, and an estimated crowd of 6,000 relished the three-day spectacle. A single truck club’s contribution? Over 60 trucks!

Blessed with splendid weather, the event felt less like a truck show and more like a vast family gathering. With the bar set high, plans for next year’s show are already in motion, promising even more enhancements.



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