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Thanks for your comments on the Corvair v. Mustang sales video. Marketing/sales people always take lots of liberties, don't they? smile image It was, of course, the Mustang that did the Corvair in. But that is pretty ironic, since it was the Corvair that spurred Ford to create the Mustang. In 1960, the Corvair and Falcon were competitors. When Chevy introduced the Monza coupe in late 1960, it created a new category of small sporty car that Ford realized they had to compete with. In fact, the first "Mustang 1" concept car was actually rear-engined, although it had a water-cooled 4-cylinder sourced from Ford of Europe. But their decision to base the Mustang on the Falcon turned out to be a good one, because it put them in a position to take advantage of the horsepower/muscle car movement that started in the mid-60s by being able to easily keep up by dropping in bigger V-8 engines. The Corvair was kind of stuck with the unique air-cooled 6-cylinder, so Chevy had to come out with the Camaro to compete against the Mustang.
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