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Roger Rohrdanz October 25, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

The Surf City weather was a little brisk for the 15th Annual Huntington Beachcruiser Meet, but by 11 o’clock the sun was out and temperatures were in the mid-70s. Saturday started with participants arriving at the sold-out event as early as 4:30am, and by 6:00 a.m. Main St. was full of 100 “Beachcruisers”! The Pier Plaza area was where most of the woodies parked and the adjacent parking lot contained another 150 or so cruisers. On Sunday, however, the turnout wasn’t as strong and there were no woodies on the Pier.

The original idea for a Beachcruiser Meet came after the 20th annual Wavecrest Woodie Show in 2000. Many fine ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s “beach” vehicles were seen parked on the side streets adjacent to the show. The “Woodies only” event excluded them from participation. Therefore the theme was set for an all-inclusive event that welcomed all types of “beach cruising” vehicles. And Surf City has embraced the idea for 15 straight years.

Text and Photos by Roger Rohrdanz
By 6:00 a.m. Main St. was full of 100 “Beachcruisers”!

The pier and downtown area were backed with spectators. The stores and restaurants were filled with people enjoying the eclectic collection of cars on display. Great surf music was provided all weekend by Brett Harrell and his High Energy sound machine.

This weekend honors the Golden Age of surfing when we hauled our board, our buddies and our babes to Surf City. For future show information see

the very detailed ’71 Chevy Chevelle that belongs to Mike Grambusch of Huntington Beach, CA.

The latest poster in the Beachcruiser series, illustrated by local artist and surfer Jim Krogle.
This very clean blue ’70 Chevy Chevelle is owned by Atticus Overbay.

Pier Plaza where most of the woodies parked.

This modified ’57 Corvette has everything plus attitude; the owners are Kay & Linn Sutterfield.

All the way from San Antonio, TX. The standout of the show was this rare ’47 Mercury woody with 5.0 Ford power. Owned by Dick & Janette Lux!
The “Tow Mater” was on-hand.
David Gongora has crafted a winning combination with his tow truck created from a ’50 Ford 3/4-ton truck with a Boytown body. The trailer is a restored ’69 Winnebago.
A very unique “teardrop trailer” towed by a nice, matching, ’57 Chevy wagon.
Barry Massi likes his stylish ’35 Ford Woody’s wheels to stand out.

A very nice collection of VW transporters.

Great music was provided all weekend by Brett Harrell and his High Energy sound machine.
An awesome ’50 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon owned by Jay & Betty Norgren of West Garden Grove, CA.

The big winner at this event was Toni Leal’s 430ci Lincoln-powered, very low, very black, ’64 Lincoln Continental convertible.


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