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  • joeandremington started a blog post Chevy c10

    Chevy c10

    we are getting ready to put the engine in. The engine is looking very good. if weather permits wer going to get it in. also on the chevy blazer i painted the grill a red as the same color as the truck. really brings out the bowtie
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  • joeandremington started a blog post seats.


    I just got done replacing the seats. You dont know fun untill your seat can lift up off the ground when you go over a little hill. the seats are brand spankin old seats. they look amazing
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  • joeandremington started a blog post dash


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    june 20th got the dash out working on the wireing gona try to get scraches out of face, hoping that it well work, got seat out now working under the hood gona paint it before we put in the motor in.
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