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Roger Rohrdanz November 11, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

The 51st Largest Roadster Show on Earth

For many hot rod dads, Father’s Day has long been associated with the L.A. Roadsters Show and Swap. Refered to justifiably as “The Largest Roadster Show on Earth,” this year’s event began on Friday, with move-in day for the vendors, sponsors and many of the show cars. Most of the 700+ roadsters arrived in Southern California from various places around the world a week before. It’s an opportunity to spend time with friends, visit local hot rod shops and hang-outs, and go to special picnics created just for roadster fans.

All roadsters enter free, get a free barbecue dinner, and on Sunday they receive a custom pewter mug.

This very nice Deuce roadster carried Gary & Carolyn Foutz here from Lake Havasu City, AZ.

This year one of the highlights was the 50th anniversary Hiboy roadster which is a tribute to the McGee/Scritchfield/Meyer Deuce Hiboy used on the club logo. The car will be auctioned at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ, January 2016. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Alex Xydias Center (AXC) for Automotive Arts.

The swap meet part of the show is massive. It’s the place to sell all that left over stuff from your last “project” or buy some stuff for your next one. Heck, pick up a bunch of stuff you don’t know you’re going to need! All in all, another spectacular show put together by the organizers.

Ronald Reed brought his very copper colored ’32 Ford roadster from San Jose, CA.

The ”Jokers” car club, from the San Francisco area, lined up their roadsters.
The Brizio built roadsters.

One of the most unique vehicles at the show. This ’42 Merc flathead powered, ’36 Dodge roadster pickup belongs to John & Dawn Nissen from Williams, CA.

The 50th anniversary hiboy roadster which is a tribute to the McGee/Scritchfield/Meyer Deuce hiboy used on the club logo.

The Southern California Timing Association booth check out all the landspeed cars!

The vintage nitro dragsters performed their “Cacklefest” several times a day.
Hot Rod was pullin’ some lines at the show.
Gentleman” Joe Schubeck readies for the “Cacklefest”.

Ron Johnson was there with “Chizler”.
The “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” trophy was on-hand, along with some past winners.

Ed Justice (L) with Mooneyes’ Chico Kodama.’


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