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Exciting Legacy EV Education Updates

Chris Hamilton January 03, 2023 Electric Vehicle Features

Due to popular demand, Legacy EV are holding an additional Education Roadshow Training in their Tempe HQ from March 6th to 10th 2023.

It’s a perfect opportunity to kickstart your EV educational journey and sign up for their Education Roadshow in-person training and Certified Technician Program!
Plus, you can save 10% using the discount code: holiday22

Hands-on training with electric vehicle systems is in high demand. Visit Legacy EV’s headquarters in Tempe, AZ to learn with their expert educators and design engineers, get your hands on EV industry tools and components, and build skills that will provide the foundation you need to build, service, and maintain EVs. Check out the dates below and secure your spot today!

Upcoming Education Dates
March 6th – 10th, April 3rd – 7th, May 1st – 5th, May 22nd – 26th, June 5th – 9th, July 24th – 28th, August 7th – 11th, September 11th – 15th, October 2nd – 6th, October 16th – 20th, November 13th – 17th

Legacy EV Held Their Roadshow Training Event in October!

Legacy EV invited EV industry and education experts to pilot our weeklong in-person Education Roadshow training that we will be hosting at their headquarters in Tempe, AZ.

The EV Builder’s Guide team participated in and documented the event. To read more about the Education Roadshow and other trends and opportunities in the EV market, Subscribe to EV Builder’s Guide and check out our upcoming winter issue!

Legacy EV Taught at SEMA!

Electric vehicles are taking over SEMA. As EVs increase in popularity, so does the need for education about how to work with them safely. Legacy EV led eight 90-minute educational seminars to teach attendees about servicing and maintaining EVs. Sixty-eight people participated in the eight seminars, with dozens more attendees participating from outside the stage.

Legacy EV Were at the White House!

Legacy EV is committed to training the next generation of people to support the development of electrification infrastructure. That is why they committed to the Talent Pipeline Challenge, a call to action to make tangible commitments that support equitable workforce development in three critical infrastructure sectors, including electrification.

President and Co-Founder Maverick Knoles represented Legacy EV at the event and spread the word about Legacy EV’s in-person education in 2023 to train future EV technicians to service and maintain EVs.

Frances Farnam from Tinkergineering shared the Legacy EV Education booth at SEMA Electrified and found potential sponsorship with WallBox.

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