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Behind the team at Legacy Ev

EV Team April 19, 2022 Electric Vehicle Features

Legacy EV is the market leader in aftermarket EV applications. Legacy offers fully integrated EV systems from top manufacturers, certified EV technician training programs, and EV design consultation for businesses around the world. With support from Legacy EV, builders around the world are becoming more confident with the transition to Electric Vehicles.
Building a custom Electric Vehicle (EV) doesn’t have to be complicated. Conversions simply require the right components and proper training. The Legacy EV team has developed a growing network of authorized installers around the world through their custom EV training platform. When you buy a kit from Legacy EV you are not only getting the best parts available, but also the best training and build-support from the most experienced EV experts.
As the world transitions to electric powered vehicles, automotive shops now need access to parts and knowledge to build and repair EVs. To that end, Legacy EV developed fully integrated EV conversion kits and established relationships with best manufacturers across the EV industry in order to provide the one stop solution for EV kits, components, and build support to auto shops across the world.

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