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Letter from the editor Christopher Hamilton

Chris Hamilton November 25, 2022 Uncategorized

Living the Life and Printing the Passion.

As this issue of Street Trucks is being printed, the ST crew has packed their bags and their calendars in preparation of a seven-day November getaway to the world-famous SEMA Show in Las Vegas. A lot of changes have happened in our industry over the last year, many of which will undoubtedly alter the landscape of this automotive lover’s mecca. From the aggressive infusion of electric-vehicle upgrades and swaps to the absence of major industry icons such as Ford and GM, the storyline is set, and all the surrounding drama you need for an entertaining outcome is in perfect alignment. We’re excited to be attending in 2022!

While we are out documenting the best and keeping an eye on the rest, enjoy the last 30 days of content creation by the amazing team here at Street Trucks magazine. All the passionate individuals who have a hand in these books each and every month love hearing the feedback you have on their work, and we hope you continue to email and message whenever you have a thought.

In this issue, we cover a large part of our audience’s enthusiasm by featuring trucks from all walks of life—including an unreal Chevy C10 truck that is detailed from bumper to bumper. Ford trucks, a killer Chevy, and even a custom Land Rover are just a hint of the happenings. We were able to hit the road to three different amazing truck events before stopping off at QA1 suspension for a in-depth behind-the-scenes tour of the company’s amazing facility.

Finally, we bring a cool, fun, technical side to the book by finding and fixing an OBS Chevy truck that was almost undrivable, and we answer the top 10 Ford F-150 questions we have been asked more than once. Dig deep and read the reviews because Street Trucks is doing big things both in print and online. Be sure to follow us and try to keep up at!


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