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MJ Phillips April 26, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

Two-Toned Cruisin’ the Coast

Mike Ruiz of Miramar, Florida, lives his life in the garage. A Mercedes Benz service tech by day, Mike loves all things automotive. For three years he worked tirelessly to bring one of his dream builds to life: a resto-mod ’65 Ford F-100, one that combines a pavement-scraping stance with factory-derived styling. It’s most definitely a tried and true combination with stunning results.

The full-tilt frame was given a new lease on life and notched in both the front and rear with the center of the frame completely smoothed and reinforced with square tube.

The full-tilt frame was given a new lease on life and notched in both the front and rear with the center of the frame completely smoothed and reinforced with square tube. The front and rear sections house a combination of quality air suspension components. RideTech airbags are fed by twin compressors via three-eighths-inch lines. The frame and suspension modifications were completed by Danny and the crew over at Slammered Inc. in Pompano Beach.

In addition to the suspension, Danny fabricated custom motor mounts and a complete tunnel beneath the cab. The factory motor has been replaced with a ’93 Ford 302 V-8. The 5.0-liter motor was built to the nines and has been bored 30-over, making it a true 306. Made stout by JE rods and pistons, the motor was balanced and blueprinted. The powerplant has also been outfitted with a Ford Racing X303 camshaft and AFR aluminum heads. It’s fed through an Edelbrock intake manifold and Quick Fuel carb. By way of exhaust, the motor uses BBK headers, custom 2.5-inch piping and Flowmaster mufflers. MSD solves the ignition puzzle. The five-o hooks to a built Monster AOD transmission with 1800 stall.

Clean and classic is the look and feel Ruiz wanted. We’d say he really nailed it on this one!

All that horsepower finds its way to the asphalt through a set of Delmo Special 22-inch wheels. The massive smooth-faced wheels are backed by Wilwood disc brakes all around. The wheels are finished in Wimbledon White to match the body. The lips and center section are brightly polished. The oversized wheels all but disappear beneath the fenders. This effect is thanks to the covert bodywork. The front and rear wheelwells were cut and molded for additional clearance. The ’65 strikes the often-sought-after balance of modified and preserved. It lies just inches off the pavement. But its body is unchanged.

All of the original finishes have been refreshed. The OEM paint scheme of Tropical Turquoise and Wimbledon White has been applied anew. The original chrome grille was refreshed. All of the factory badges are in place, including the iconic “Custom Cab” and “Twin I-Beam” units. The mirrors, body spears and window surrounds were all polished to a blinding finish. And for good measure, both bumpers have been re-chromed.

Exact match and replica materials have been used throughout the cabin.

The interior modifications follow suit. Exact match and replica materials have been used throughout the cab. The bench seat, carpet and door cards all sport their classic aesthetics. Kicker audio components hide in plain sight. Jorge’s Upholstery in South Miami handled the interior recreations.

After three years of non-stop hustling to get it done, Mike Ruiz can sit back, hit some switches and shred tires. His hard work and concise vision paid dividends in this resulting ’65 build. The factory refresh is flawless as the truck appears to have just rolled off the Ford assembly line, only about 11 inches too low. And while the built 5.0L lacks no gumption, Mike has his sights set even higher. The howl of a Coyote is in this F-100’s not-so-distant future.

Tech Specs


Mike Ruiz
Miramar, Florida
’65 Ford F-100

Chassis & Suspension

  • Full tilt frame with shaved center, notched front and rear, and RideTech/FullTilt components
  • Air-ride front and rear
  • Speedmaster fuel cell
  • Wilwood disc brakes front and rear

Wheels & Tires

  • 22-inch Delmo Specials


  • Ford ’93 302 V-8
  • Custom engine build by RACE
  • Monster AOD trans
  • Monster 1800 stall converter
  • JE pistons, Ford Racing cam
  • AFR aluminum heads
  • Edelbrock intake manifold with Quick Fuel carb
  • MSD ignition
  • Flowmaster mufflers and custom piping
  • Custom engine mounts and tunneled floor for clearance

Body & Paint

  • Restored factory paint
  • Tropical Turquoise and Wimbledon White factory paint


  • Wanting to keep things as factory OG as possible, Mike had Jorge’s Upholstery source exact matching colors to the original to redo the factory bench, panels, carpet and all
  • Factory radio with Kicker audio Bluetooth


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