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  • mmfryar started a blog post Damaged!! HELP!!!!

    Damaged!! HELP!!!!

    Well..... last week was a bad week for two of our Trans AMs. Our white '79 (that has been in the trim shop since LAST NOVEMBER) was damaged by a high pressure air hose! The end flew off and right into the door of our car...denting and gouging the paint!...
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  • mmfryar started a blog post Decal!


    Thank you so much all my Motortopia friends for the support in finding the decals quickly for our TATA............You all are the best. And Matt...aka are the BEST!!!
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  • mmfryar started a blog post Getting the cars ready!!

    Getting the cars ready!!

    Well, here is an update on the "What's going on in your garage?" Cameo is STILL in the shop (been there since Nov) BUT, the man said he was going to try to get it finished by next week. I can't even begin to tell you what has been replaced on that car..T...
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  • mmfryar started a blog post Snow in Chattanooga

    Snow in Chattanooga

    Well, we got our first significant snowfall yesterday. The snow started falling around noon and luckily I was able to leave work and head home. Chattanooga weather is so unpredictable! We get predictions of snowfall but it never seems to happen! We went...
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