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Roger Rohrdanz October 31, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

The Faithful Gather at Santa Fe Springs, CA

The current and the original location for Mooneyes is Santa Fe Springs, CA.

Since 1950 the famed Mooneyes logo has adorned more cars than any other in history and those two peeping eyes are still iconic.

Every year Mooneyes has an open house and vintage rods, customs, race cars, and motorcycles come from all over, as customers of this legendary auto parts and service supplier get together to celebrate the brand and the culture.

A live soundtrack was supplied the Hot Rod Trio and DJ Dan Moses while the coolest cars and bikes rolled by all day, and Chico’s world famous hamburgers kept everyone fed! Hundreds of cars were bumper to bumper along both sides of Norwalk Blvd. The Mooneyes’ and the Café parking lots, as well as the shop across the street were packed with hundreds of vehicles that are not seen at the usual shows.

The famed Mooneyes logo looks down at two unique Ford roadsters. Customs or race cars, those two peeping eyes are iconic.

This A/FX Mercury is raced by “Ernie the Attorney”.

This sharp ’67 Ford Falcon extended Club Wagon belongs to Patrick Lynch of Bellflower, CA.

A very original ’47 International pickup driven by Steve Metz.

Chopit brought his cool custom bike.

The South Central L.A. Gonners car club occupied the shop across the street. Here’s one of their cars.
The Café parking lot featured some cool rides.
This awesome ’49 Pontiac was done by David Villarruisl of Pico Rivera.The light metal flake scalloping and roof are perfect. Check out  the custom hood ornament!

Chopped, channeled and slammed. Jason Miller heavily massaged his ’30 Ford pickup with a ’32 grille and a small block Ford. Check out that rare offset dual quad intake manifold!

How about a glass engine cover on this VW?
Mark Johnson of Lakewood, CA. has recently completed “Tire Fryer”. A ’65 Falcon powered by a 390 Ford FE block!

This 350 Chevy powered ’69 Chevy Nova has only had one owner, Joe Camuglia of Laguna Hills.

Von Hot Rod, one of several pinstripers on-hand.


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