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MICHAEL ECKERSON March 19, 2023 Events


Imagine that you have a very wealthy aunt and uncle. Imagine it’s 1934 and your rich aunt and uncle are having a huge party at their swanky estate on the hill overlooking Fullerton.

Imagine that you are invited. 

That’s the feeling you get when you attend this one-of-a-kind automotive festival. It’s a two day event with polished automotive perfection strewn over the rolling hills and under a canopy of 100 year old eucalyptus trees. The Muckenthaler family estate is, by itself, a treat to explore. Add in the festival with food, live music, vendors, self-guided tours of the estate and hundreds and hundreds of beautiful classic cars over two weekend days in May and you have one amazing event. That’s the Annual Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival.

The festival splits the weekend with Hot Rods and Custom cars on Saturday, and a Concours d’ Elegance on Sunday. The committee recently included vintage trailers, which adds something even more enticing. Beautifully restored vintage trailers open for you to enter and have a close look at the style and craftsmanship of a bygone era. Most on display have an equally unique tow vehicle complimenting the display.

So, “your” wealthy aunt and uncle have generously opened their sprawling estate to party goers and encouraged lots of car friends to join in and park on the grounds to show-off their chromed best. They have thoughtfully made food available, lots of beverages (youth and adult), and they even thought of musical accompaniment to the event. Each of the two days a different group performs live on the huge stage alongside the Muckenthaler main house. Imagine if you had enough dough to have your own theatrical stage with seating for all your friends to enjoy the entertainment. Sweet.

But with all the merriment, I forgot to tell you that “your” rich aunt and uncle provide for more than just the car enthusiasts. They made the Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival a charitable event. “Your” aunt and uncle are cool. Proceeds from the event weekend benefit the Children’s Art Programs which are held on these same grounds. The show proceeds ensure children have opportunities to participate in fun and creative art programs. There is also a Summer Camp and Art Education programs. They have adult programs as well. By the way, these grounds are also available for weddings, private parties and they feature live theater, a jazz festival, movie nights and a lot more.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival. Tom McDonnell, president of the MMCF, tells Drive that it’s going to be a special year with unique surprises to celebrate the Silver Anniversary. We’ll be sure to let you know more as soon as we hear the details.

We’d like to thank “your” rich aunt and uncle for an amazing event. They seemed to have thought of everything – including inviting you. See you there next year!   

SATURDAY: Hot Rods and Customs

A Gasser with grit
The time and technology that separate these two trucks is remarkable
The iconic GTO unleashed by Pontiac was a game-changer
Subtle style by Plymouth

Blown 1951 Kaiser

Tony Miller’s impeccable 1940 Ford

This Highboy roadster is one of the best examples of the class

Vintage trailers Step into the past

Perfect 1957 Nomad prepped for a picnic
Astonishing restoration in this rare 1955 Pontiac Safari  wagon and trailer, especially the interior

SUNDAY: Concours d’ Elegance

Jaguars on the hill at The Muckenthaler are a fan favorite
The understated yet intimidating lines of Ferrari
The original XJ13 was a prototype racing car developed by Jaguar

A rare BMW R69S with a Steib S-500 sidecar
Buick Special convertible

Studebaker Champion Deluxe
Josh Jordan’s 1953 Olds Fiesta Convertible

1959 Pontiac Catalina Convertible
Bugatti styling

The Muckenthaler Cultural Center  |  714-738-6595  |
1201 West Malvern Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833

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