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Offroad Wheel and Tire Buyers Guide

TREAD STAFF November 17, 2023 Feature Stories

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01. Dirty Life/ Canyon Pro

Dirty Life’s Matte Black Canyon Wheels feature a stepped lip and a concave face to emphasize their depth and create an aggressive stance. The symmetrical spokes are a Dirty Life specialty,  and the Canyon Pro puts those features on display. The wheel is covered in a Matte Black finish that is enhanced by a Black, simulated beadlock ring. The Dirty Life logo on the center cap completes the look. Dirty Life wheels are covered under a lifetime structural warranty along with a 1 year warranty on the Matte Black finish.

02. Mayhem Wheels/ Compass

The Mayhem Matte Black Compass Wheel features twelve spokes and a stepped lip, which adds to the aggressive look and offset of the wheel. The inner lip contains simulated bolts as well as small milled windows attached to the lip with the bolts, giving the wheel a sleek overall look. A Matte Black finish is enhanced by the silver simulated bolts along the inner ring. Durable cast aluminum in a 1-piece construction gives the Compass the rugged ability to tackle any terrain.

03. Black Rhino Wheels/ Shogun

The Black Rhino Shogun features a monoblock Flow Formed construction and a deep concave profile made to command and conquer the off-road. With its 6-spoke design and multi-stepped lip, the Black Rhino Shogun fuses a motorsport-inspired aesthetic with off-road performance. Available in 16- and 17-inch sizes for 5- and 6- lug applications, in Matte Black, Hyper Silver, and Gloss Midnight Blue.

04. KMC Wheels/ KM552 IMS

This cast version of the KMC’s popular Impact forged beadlock wheel offers a simulated beadlock with drains in the ring. Available in 17-inch size for 5- and 6-lug applications, the wheel also comes in multiple colorways, including Machined Silver with Matte Black lip, Matte Black face with Gloss Black lip and Matte Bronze with Gloss Black lip.

05. WARN Industries/ Moonsault 6

With all the durability, performance, and style we’ve come to expect from Warn Industries, these all-new 6-lug wheels are designed for life off road. Available in 17×8.5, with a 5×5 bolt pattern, and 0 offset, they’re the perfect match for 2020-2021 Jeep Gladiator JT, 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK, and 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL models. Their unique center caps are a nod to the classic WARN hub; additionally, they are tested to meet SAE J2530 certification, and have a lifetime structural warranty.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article appeared in TREAD Nov/Dec 2023.

If your Bronco has been in need of a facelift, look no further. On these pages, we’ve gathered the latest and greatest wheel offerings from the most trusted names in the game – all tailored specifically to Bronco applications. With so many great options to choose from, what wheels will you add to your rig?

01/ Dirty Life/ Journey

Available in 17-inch to fit most Broncos, the newest wheel offering from Dirty Life is available in both Matte Black and Stain Bronze finishes. Load rated for up to 2,500lbs, these tires are prepared to tackle heavy-duty use on and off the pavement. With a 6-lug design created for Bronco applications, this is a great-looking wheel that matches style with performance.

02/ Mayhem Wheels/ 8309 Granite

This wheel’s Bronco-specific 6-139.7 bolt pattern makes it a fantastic fit for Bronco drivers looking for an understated wheel designed with functionality in mind. Engineered to provide maximum durability, killer performance, and high load capacity in on- and off-road applications, Mayhem’s new Granite wheel is another high-quality addition to their lineup of rugged off-road wheels.

03/ Black Rhino/ Atlas

Meet the latest offering from much-lauded wheel producer Black Rhino: the all-new Atlas wheel. This brand-new Black Rhino offering was built specifically for overlanding applications. The Atlas wheel is engineered with endless adventure in mind – that’s why it was fatigue tested as one of Black Rhino’s most durable wheel designs ever. Available in 16-, 17-, 18-, and 20-inch sizes for 5- and 6-lug applications, the Atlas wheel might just be your overlanding rig’s new best friend.

04/ Thret Off-Road/ 701 Storm

The 701 Storm features a captivating 10-spoke concave design with the perfect balance of elegance and boldness. It’s built to withstand the harshest conditions, with stainless steel rivets that provide extra protection against the elements, ensuring your wheels maintain their pristine look over time. Available in Satin Black and Satin Black with Milled Spokes for both 5- and 6-lug applications, the 701 Storm complements any Bronco with its versatile and timeless appeal.

05/ KMC Wheels/ KM729 Range

Featuring a 1-piece monoblock construction, the KMC KM729 Range offers increased stability in a lightweight package—optimizing lateral stiffness and improved steering response and grip. Inspired by the bold styling of motorsport wheels, the KM720 boasts a split 6-spoke face and no-nonsense adorned lip.

06/ Fuel Offroad/Rincon SBL FC857

A heavy-duty split 8 spoke design alongside simulated beadlock with debris release slots and removable bolts make the Rincon an ideal wheel for your Bronco in both looks and capability. In addition, a bolt-on cap is removable for hub access. Available in 17-, 18-, and 20-inch sizes for 5-, 6, and 8-lug applications, the Rincon wheel will take you where you need to go.

07/ ALPHAequipt/ xBravo

Adding to ALPHAequipt’s lineup for 2023 is the xBravo hybrid beadlock wheel. With a more classical approach on the design, the xBravo brings back the old school oval-style wheel integrated with a dual-valve stem system and interchangeable rings that give drivers the ability to mount the tire within the wheel lips in a non-beadlock configuration. If you want to party, you can add the beadlock ring on the outside and mount the tire accordingly as well!


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