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One Day Slam: Celebrating 20 Years of Passion and Dedication!

Jonathan Hawkins December 20, 2023 All Feature Vehicles

20 Years and Counting!

As the show season heats up with shows during the summer, Tom Pollio and his GroundED 4 Life crew heat up the hottest show in Pennsylvania. One Day Slam is on its 20th year. After two years of covering this wonderful event, I recognize the passion and dedication of the show staff and participants. Everywhere you look, you see pets, families, and clubs hanging out with other clubs as one big family! 

This year was one of the biggest years yet with over 500 show participants in Bristol, Pennsylvania, at the Bristol Township Park. One Day Slam had awards of all varieties to give out! They had more than 40 Club Choice plaques and over 50 specialty awards, too. Tom Pollio and his crew want to thank all of these sponsors and vendors for coming out and supporting their show.

As they get ready for the 2024 One Day Slam on June 8, they are looking to make it bigger and better! Look out for their post on the show and get registered when it starts. You don’t want to miss out!


  • Hoff’s Pinstriping 
  • Drivn Clothing 
  • RC Misfits 
  • SkyNet Team PA 
  • Afterhours Fabrication 
  • Liquid Iron Industries 
  • Tattoo Second Chance Ink 
  • Paint Zoo Studios 
  • Off Road WTF 
  • Impact Auto Body 
  • The Holy Black 
  • East-coast MK3 
  • Elusive Auto Works/TC Wraps 
  • Crick Life Creations 


  • Hell Bent Race Cars
  • NJJP Invasion
  • Modern Muscle
  • LC Hydraulics
  • Miguel’s Riverside
    Barber Shop
  • Millers Metal Coating
  • Stitch Happens
  • DC Customs
  • CG’s Airworks
  • JSM Production

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