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American Survival Guide June 2021 Digital


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About the Magazine

Many readers know Creek Stewart as a highly respected outdoor and survival skills expert from his TV shows and popular social media outlets. We reached out to him recently to learn more about his love for the outdoors and drive to share his knowledge and wisdom with others. His new Weather Channel TV show Could You Survive? With Creek Stewart studies real cases of survival in the wild. Learn more about him in our cover story.

 Kyt Lyn Walken provides us with a rare glimpse at anti-tracking, the art of concealing your passage in virtually any environment. Expertise in this area helps keep the hunter at the top of the food chain. If you’re increasingly concerned about new anti-gun legislation, take a look at these air-powered “Plan B” options for game-getters and self-defense weapons. They might surprise you. Regular contributor Mike Travis shares his list of EDC gear he always keeps close and Jim Cobb tells us his thoughts about two must-haves from Victorinox. If all this info makes you hungry, check out Suzy Jeffries’ piece about Nutrient Survival long-term storage foods that are good and good for you.


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