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C10 Builders Guide Summer 2021


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About the Magazine

This C-10 Builders Guide is full of amazing content you will need to get your hands on. Starting out with this sweet ‘66 C10, perfect for anyone who likes gold! Slammed packed with features and a great blood sweat and gears story that you can probably relate to.Over on the tech side you will find Mar-K’s body side molding being installed on a 19977 C10. A LS swapped C-10 received a new LS Raven series pulley kit install from Eddie Motorsports, along with tech using QA1’s front and Rear coilover conversion kits and more. Event coverage includes Mid-America Street Rod Nationals, Slamfest 2020 and The Ozarks. As you turn the pages you will find The Best C10 and C/K Trucks from 2020, and we didn't forget to add the parts counter so you can keep up with the latest trends. As always, closing out this issue is a special message from the man behind C-10 Talk, Ronnie Wetch!


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