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Diesel World January 2021 Digital


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About the Magazine

All the latest from around the Diesel World. The next issue is out now! Don’t miss all the diesel goodness. We check out a 12-Valve Cummins powered Dodge Power Wagon sitting on a set of 39-inch tires; Keeping with the vintage style check out another Cummins powered ride but this time a 1951 Chevy.

Heading to the tech side of this issue, we’re nearing completion with our OBS Ford rebuild. This time we address the electrical system. There’s also a whole slew of emissions friendly 2020 Duramax upgrades plus the Nitrous Express install on our 600-HP 7.3L Power Stroke Ford.

Event season for 2020 came a little late this year for obvious reasons. Scheid Diesel Extravaganza has long been the premier diesel enthusiast event, check it out in this issue. Plus we took a ride out to Illinois for one heck of a truck pull, with 14-classes!

Plus a ton of new products, vintage tractors, historical diesel engines, news and so much more. 


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