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Drive Magazine - Trucker Caps

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About the Magazine

Trucker caps are perfect for merchandising—they're versatile and fit almost any occasion. A 100% polyester front and 100% nylon mesh weave back make these hats super durable through regular wear and tear. They come in one size with an adjustable plastic snap closure: 22.8" (58cm). The cap's front has six rows of visor stitching. Pick any (or all) of the four-color variations and start customizing them with your original designs..: Material: 100% polyester foam front with 100% nylon mesh weave back.: One size fits most (22.8"/58cm).: Four color combinations to pick from.: Adjustable plastic snap closure.: Six row stitching on visor.: NB! Creases on the hat will straighten out naturally once unpackaged and worn


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