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EDC Buyers Guide Spring 2022


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About the Magazine

You only have so many pockets to stuff all of the items of gear you want to carry with you on any given day. So, in this Spring 2022 issue of EDC – Everyday Carry Essentials, we have a story by frequent contributing expert Reuben Bolieu on lightweight containers you can sling over your shoulder or attach to your belt that allow you to go beyond pocket and expand your carry capabilities. In a related piece, prolific preparedness writer Jim Cobb gives us a close look at small pouches – pockets within pockets – that can help us to keep all of our small gear items organized. Bolieu also puts the spotlight on Bushcraft Kelso’s homemade bushcraft gear, some of which you can wear on your wrist or around your neck, ready and available for when you need it fast. He also puts various ready-made SOL products to the test to see if they really can help us to “survive outside longer.” Of course, many who are interested in staying prepared for the day ahead aren’t trekking off to the woods. So, we had Cobb give us a look at some urban EDC options. Ever wonder what the cops carry on and off duty? Longtime police officer Mike Travis shows us some of his most trusted equipment. When many of us think of EDC, we think of self-defense preparedness. Veteran gun writer Richard Schutz gives us a review of some of the top handgun training aids, important in keeping your skills sharp in this day of ammo shortages and high ammo prices. Wendy Wilson shows us the latest items to keep us warm in harsh weather and presents important items for our furry companions is an article on EDC for your pet. Newcomer Nikki Indelicato in her campus carry article, provides tips on how to make sure your freshman has everything needed for heading off to college. And let’s not forget our editor. Steve Barlow shows us his favorite water filters and mid-sized fixed blade knives and offers a gear list for a lightweight travel kit for staying highly mobile on your next road trip.


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