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Holiday Décor Fall 2020 Digital


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About the Magazine

We’re home for the holidays this year! It’s easier to make spirits bright with 116 pages of inspiration and cheer in our special issue, Holiday Décor 2020.

Grab a warm drink and wander through the gorgeous homes of Emily Traxler in Utah, Ana Ochoa in San Diego, Kendall Simmons in Nashville, Noelle Whitaker in Southern California, Michelle Kraker in Tennessee and April Cruice in the Pocono Mountains. Each decorator maximizes their space and their individual style to bring you ideas you just have to try!

We searched like Santa to find fun wreaths and nativity sets, along with pillows, rugs and art to brighten your holiday home. Plus, top designers offer inspiration for a charming French country kitchen, twinkling and tantalizing holiday tables, and a cozy hot beverage bar!


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