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Knives Jul/Aug 2022 Digital


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About the Magazine

What knife (or knives) do you carry when you take a trek off pavement? In the July/August issue of Knives Illustrated, we include a special section called Into the Woods. This section covers easy-to-carry knives, with articles on knives for hiking and camping, while leaving the big choppers home. Our cover story features a perennial favorite, the White River Firecraft FC 3.5 Pro. This little fixed blade can do it all and comes with a ferro rod for fire-starting chores. Regular contributor Tim Stetzer reviews the TJ Schwarz Overland Knife, a small fixed blade with Wharncliffe blade, while bushcraft expert Reuben Bolieu shows us how to set up a camp kitchen using Rewild Gear. There’s also a review of the beefy little Swedish knife from Fallkniven, the R2 Scout. In other features we take a look at the Woox Leggenda, a classy folder with wood scales and flipper opening mechanism. In another of our segments on iconic blades, regular contributor Jim Cobb looks at the historic Buck 110 Folding Hunter. He also reviews the knives of J.E. Made. Our editor puts two Work Sharp sharpeners to the test – a guide rod model and an easy-to-use electric belt sharpener. On a serious side, Stetzer highlights some rescue tools that just might save your life.


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