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Knives Sep/Oct 2022 Digital


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About the Magazine

In the September/October issue of Knives Illustrated, we take you outdoors to present a special section on bushcraft. Regular contributor and bushcraft expert Reuben Bolieu starts off this section with an article outlining basic knife techniques you’ll need to know. But you might need more than a knife in the backwoods. So, we also have a showdown between three folding saws that are easy to bring along. Tim Stetzer shows us new Wild Harvest knives – foraging blades designed by “Survivorman” Les Stroud and manufactured by L.T. Wright. We give you an inside look at Reiff Knives’ American-made field knives, the Ben Orford Trapper, and the Morakniv Kansbol. Did you ever wonder what’s involved when a custom knifemaker decides to put one of his designs into commercial production? Jason Fry tells of his experience in working with White River Knives to produce a small run of his Utility Hunter. And we review that blade as well to see if it lives up to expectations. Did you ever consider dressing up one of your favorite knives? We’ll show you some of the aftermarket upgrades in the way of handle scale options that are currently available. We’ll help you summon your inner Rambo too with a look back at the once-popular hollow-handle survival knives.


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