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Street Trucks February 2022 Digital


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About the Magazine

The February issue of Street Trucks delivers a 2021 SEMA extravaganza! The annual Las Vegas show brings together everything truck, from product launches to brand new builds, and we have exclusive coverage of it all. Plus, several feature trucks in this issue debuted at SEMA, and our own Solomon Lunger had a chance to photograph them before a perfect desert backdrop, complete with graffiti, a dry lakebed and jutting mountains. You’ll meet a Christian Louboutin-inspired ’20 Chevy Silverado called “Red Bottom,” a metallic burgundy ’49 GMC 100 that draws attention from across the show floor, and the grandest of all mashups: a laid-out dually truck melded with a ’20 Jeep Gladiator. You’ll also read about a rust-drunk ’65 International Loadstar and a custom ’92 Toyota Hilux that met an untimely end, along with tech tricks that’ll save you time and money. Don’t forget to check out our event calendar and make plans for the 2022 show season!


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