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Street Trucks October 2021 Digital


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About the Magazine

The October issue of Street Trucks is packed with the things truck lovers crave including a beautiful standard cab short bed body dropped Dodge Ram known as the White Russian, an insanely modified and fully custom C 10 known as chop Suey, a 2016 Silverado that’s a dream come true, and event coverage from Southeastern mini truck nationals as well as stage two of the Street Trucks show off series. On the technical side of things, we spend some time adding airbags to a Chevy S 10, a supercharger to a square body Chevy, and some body restoration on a 59 Chevy Apache. To close out this extra special issue, will highlight the top 10 full-custom over the counter C10 chassis on the market today, as well as the complete history of the 61 to 66 Ford F series truck.


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