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Tread Jul/Aug 2024

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About the Magazine

Welcome to the July/August 2024 edition of Tread! On the cover, explore Mad Yeti, a modern Toyota Sequoia built to take on the great outdoors. In this action-packed issue, wander the remote Flinders Range in South America and dive into epic builds like Winston, a custom-built Jeep with hot rod style, and Zero Declination, a world-exploring crew cab diesel. Explore transformative projects like Overland on the Fly, Baja Kaiser, and Death Proof Crawler. Get outfitted with the latest automotive accessories and supplies for life off the beaten path. Learn about essential trail tools in Made the Cut, and get bumper upgrade tips for your 4Runner. Celebrate Skyjacker Suspension’s 50th anniversary at Easter Jeep Safari on Kane Creek Trail. Don’t miss our features on teaching kids to carve safely with Little Whittlers. Whether you’re seeking adventure or the latest gear, this issue has it all. Get ready to be inspired and equipped for your next journey!


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