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  • pwrcat4000 started a blog post Finally


    Finally found a body guy to help me with the rust repair just need to come up with $5,000 and I can get it all fixed and back together. pictures soon. :) My local credit union is offering an anything loan at 1.99% hope I qualify.
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  • pwrcat4000 started a blog post Tackling the Tach

    Tackling the Tach

    Well tonight I started working on the small stuff as my Body work is stalled right now until I teach my self to weld sheet metal. My tachometer had been working until after the engine rebuild then it failed. I was unsure if it was wiring or the actual 35...
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  • pwrcat4000 started a blog post Slacker


    I have been working my day(night) job so much and so many other projects the Y88 has had no work on it at all. I did get the door put on my shop today now just need to get power to it then I can get to work.
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