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Ridetech Offers New, Innovative StrongArms Control Arms for Various General Motors Vehicles

Adam Johnson September 09, 2021 Events

Ridetech Offers New, Innovative StrongArms Control Arms for Various General Motors Vehicles

Ridetech is introducing new options within its StrongArms control arms portfolio that are designed to fit factory coil springs and shocks on a number of classic General Motors vehicles. The new Ridetech StrongArms are now currently available for the following vehicles:

·       1967-1981 Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird

·       1968-1974 Chevrolet Nova

·       1964-1972 GM A-Body Vehicles

·       1963-1970 Chevrolet C10 Trucks

The new tubular front lower control arms will allow users to adjust their ride height and fine-tune vehicle ride height with the addition or removal of included spacers located under the coil spring. Ride height adjustability can travel by just over an inch to account for weight variances, as well as a wide range of tire and wheel combinations. Ridetech StrongArms are also compatible for use with Ridetech dual rate springs, as well as factory coil springs.

The performance tubular control arms from Ridetech outperform stamped OEM stock control arms through precision engineering, significant geometry updates and use of stronger, high-tech materials. Ridetech uses precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machined bent tubing for superior accuracy.  From this accuracy, Ridetech StrongArms bolt directly in the factory location with new hardware included for quick and easy installation.

Features and Benefits

·       Revisions to geometry offer significant improvement in dynamic caster and camber curves to provide dramatic upgrades in handling and control by making best use of modern performance tires

·       Tubular control arms add strength, style and improved performance

·       Self-lubricating Delrin bushings reduce deflection and suspension bind

·       Increased caster dramatically improves handling and control

·       Adjustable ride height to fine-tune the stance

For complete details and purchasing options for Ridetech StrongArms, please visit

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