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Drive Staff January 26, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

This is the one show

every year that never disappoints. With greater OE participation, the world’s biggest and best automotive aftermarket event encompasses it all and truly offers anything that a car enthusiast and business owner would want to see, buy, sell or fantasize about. Here are some of our favorite rides from Vegas along with the top products as determined by SEMA.

Paul and Betty Gilliam’s ‘53 Studebaker Salt Racer by Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop.

Tom Bailey’s ’69 Camaro dubbed Sick Seconds—pun intended!

New Product Award Winners

Presented during the 2013 SEMA Show’s New Products Awards Breakfast on the opening day of the SEMA Show, the New Product Showcase Awards spotlight innovative and cutting-edge specialty-equipment products either on the market or about to be introduced. The awards are presented in various categories, with the judging criteria encompassing quality and craftsmanship, technical achievement, marketability and consumer appeal. More than 2,200 products were submitted for consideration this year. Here you have the best of the best.

Best New Tire and Related Product

The first bias-look whitewall radial tire for American automobiles manufactured in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. Fitments include 13-, 14- and 15-inch wheels.

Coker Tire Co.

Best Engineered New Product

The Berserker Active Shock Management System automatically and intelligently adjusts up to 1,000 times per second per shock for the ultimate in performance handling and ride control.

Performance Inc.

Best New Collision Repair & Refinish Product

The 3M Body Protection System Textured Coatings and Undercoatings are used to quickly deliver coatings onto any rigid panels. The precise delivery of the HGP spray gun allows product to be sprayed at any angle to achieve a perfect OEM texture match, reducing over-spray and masking applications and eliminating clean-up solvent.


Best New Performance-Street Product

An innovative and advanced approach to boost control, Auto Meter’s new unit is housed within the familiar form factor of its 52mm gauge.

Auto Meter

Best New Exterior Accessory Product

LED Grilles by Rigid Industries are made from two parts that have been laser cut from 304 stainless steel treated to satin black powder coat, and then bolted together with stainless steel button socket head bolts and Nyloc nuts.

Rigid Industries

Best New Interior Accessory Product

DashLogic is the most advanced gauge system to date! Customize your factory instrument cluster or heads-up display. DashLogic is plug and play—no tuning or installation required, just plug it into your OBDII port. View horsepower, torque, knock, air/fuel ratio, oil temp, boost, 0-60 time and much more right on your factory dash!

Palmer Performance Engineering

Best New Mobile Electronics Product

Introducing Passport Max, the world’s only High Definition radar detector. DSP technology and ultra-fast signal processing offer record-setting range, benchmark performance and DNA signal analysis for ultimate threat clarity and radar ticket protection.

Passport Max

Best New Powersports Product

A large 1,500-pound capacity is perfect for servicing motorcycles and ATVs. The lift features built-in retractable casters, automatic safety locks, heavy 12-gauge steel construction and a dual function power unit with air or hydraulic foot-pump operation. The lift also sports a powder coat finish—red or black—and two rear-wheel drop outs are included—solid and roller.

Titan Lifts
1500XLT Motorcycle/ATV Lift Table

Best New Off-Road/4-Wheel- Drive Product

Shenzhen Nova Technology Co.

Best New Performance-Racing Product

This reengineered planetary features 9310 gears and a forged 4340 output shaft exclusive to TCI. The bolt-together design allows for easy gear set changes. Offered in 1.69, 1.80 and 1.98 ratios with long or short output shaft. Features PTFE-coated thrust washers and roller bearings on sun gear and input shaft for low friction and long life.

COMP Performance Group
TCI Bolt-Together High Strength Steel Planetary for Powerglide Transmissions

Best New Street Rod/Custom Car Product

This system is a complete drop-in, retro-fit fuel system that places a high performance fuel pump and baffle system into almost any gas tank. Its modular design is cut to height for any fuel tank or cell 5-20 inches in depth and provides proper fuel slosh control, venting and performance. A perfect solution for EFI conversions and engine swaps.

Aeromotive, Inc.
Phantom 200 Stealth Fuel System

Best New Tools & Equipment Product

The Weigh Safe trailer hitch scale measures tongue weight.

Leap Innovations

Best New Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product

Autotrickz’s new stick-on numerical pad is designed to be installed on the interior of a vehicle’s glass windshield and is used to lock or unlock door lock systems or operate other accessories. Just touch your proprietary code on the pad from the exterior of the glass windshield/vehicle.


Best New Wheel and Related Product

WORX Triton is available in 17, 18 and 20 inches with a range of offsets to fit today’s modern trucks and SUVs. Several finishes are available: full satin black, gloss black with ball milling and state-of-the-art PVD finish. PVD is a super-durable, mirror-like finish that outperforms any chrome wheel in the market today.

Ultra Wheel Co.

Our 450-hp Challenger at the Beckett booth

Dave and Karen Leisinger’s ’71 Camaro built by Roger Burman
Ron Meis’ ’65 GTO by Kindig It Design

OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Invitational

The sixth annual event presented by Royal Purple Synthetic Oil and K&N Filters hosted a field of 58 participants. Ultimately, Brian Hobaugh was crowned the overall winner, driving his ’65 Corvette to top finishes in the Ridetech Street Challenge Autocross as well as the Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed Stop Challenge. Close on his heels were defending champion, Mark Stielow driving a ’67 Camaro, and former OUSCI Champion Danny Popp piloting his ’10 Camaro built by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering.


Brian Hobaugh

1965 Chevrolet Corvette
364-ci SBC, 525 hp
Muncie M-21 four-speed
Wilwood: Six-piston front,
Four-piston rear
Spec 37 rotors
JRI shocks with custom spring rates and stock components
Brian has autocrossed this car since 1985 when he first got his driver’s license.

Brian Finch

1971 Camaro
Kurt Urban LS7 427 ci

660 hp
Viper T56 with Centerforce DYAD clutch
Baer 6R with 14-inch rotors
Detroit Speed subframe, Quadra-Link rear, JRI shocks
Brian bought this car for $320 in 1991 at a Navy Auction in Alameda, CA.

Mark Stielow

1967 Camaro
427 LS9-based engine
887 hp
Tremec T-56 LS9 clutch
Brembo GT-R
DSE subframe and Quadra-Link rear
This car won OUSCI in 2012.

Bret Voelkel

1933 Ford Coupe
427 small-block Ford
630 hp
Rankin four-speed manual
RideTech TQ series triple adjustable coil-overs
If there’s anything Bret would rather do than race, it’s listen to live music. If he hadn’t gotten into the hot rod industry, he believes he’d be in the music industry.

Lynda Jacobs

1966 Chevelle SS Convertible
6.2L LS3
436 rwhp
700R4 with 2800 rpm precision converter
Wilwood Superlite six-piston front with 13-inch GT rotors, D154 floating rear caliper with 12-inch GT rotors
Global West control arms, Detroit Speed sway bars, Viking shocks 
Lynda was at OUSCI in 2011 with her husband and his ’66 Chevelle. Now it’s her turn!

Jonathan Ward

1946 Lincoln Club Coupe
5.0 Coyote V-8
420 hp
Ford 4R75W auto
Wildwood 12-inch rotors, four-piston calipers, ABS master
Art Morrison chassis, IFS, 4-link rear
One owner car with original paint, ICON Derelict.

Chris Moore

1972 Ford Maverick
Ford 347
400 hp
G-Force T5 with Centerforce clutch
Wilwood Superlite six-rotor front
Wilwood forged Dynalite rear
Total Control Products coil-over conversion front
Total Cost Involved torque arm rear
Ridetech coilovers

Chris ran into a cop car while taking his driving test. You can’t just drive a Maverick; be the Maverick.

Chevy Camaro Concept by Ultimate Auto

The Ultimate 67 Camaro design concept is a marriage of retro and new, Euro style and American power. It features a new front valance, custom grille, wide rear fenders and recessed bumpers, plus outlets for the custom Borla exhaust. The BASF R-M paint and hand-laid carbon fiber accents really set off the car. Under hood is a supercharged GM Performance LS9 with a Tremec T-56 transmission. The custom Vellano VKS wheels (20 x 9- and 21 x 13-inch) are wrapped with Pirelli’s P-Zero tires. Then there’s the JL Audio system highlighted by the subwoofers in the trunk. The vehicle was designed and built completely in-house by the Ultimate Auto team led by Zee Siddiqi.

Top Products the best of the rest

These are the podium finishers that fell slightly short of winning the SEMA award, but they were still recognized over thousands of other competitors!

Aeromotive A3000 Fuel Pump

The A3000 is a compact, lightweight, higher flowing and completely versatile carbureted fuel pump designed for high horsepower applications. Its modular design makes it affordable to customize to almost any application, whether as a standalone pump or by incorporating the indexable fuel filter and diaphragm-controlled fuel pressure regulator.

Aeromotive Inc.

RetroSound RetroPod

The multipurpose surface-mount speaker modules allow installation of speakers on any flat surface, including kick panels, doors and rear decks. Mount speakers in any vehicle without cutting speaker holes.

Retro Manufacturing LLC

Continental ContiForceContact

Developed on the world-famous Nurburgring, this tire is engineered for track and street performance, offering precise control, confident handling and outstanding grip.

Continental Tire the Americas LLC

Voxx Asti

The Asti incorporates traditional European styling with modern fitment. Available in 17 x 8,18 x 8 and 19 x 8.5, multiple bolt patterns and various offsets.

Voxx Wheel

Palmer Performance DashCommand

An app for your car/truck that turns your smartphone or tablet into an advanced display for engine data. Monitor fuel economy, add custom gauges and graphs, calculate 0-60, ¼-mile times, horsepower, torque and more! Also use it directly on many in-dash radio head units.

Palmer Performance Engineering

Cooper Zeon RS3-S

The RS3-S features world-class dry road traction, handling and cornering. The tread compounds are specifically formulated to combine dry and wet traction with crisp handling and high-speed capabilities.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Dakota Digital ECD-100

Now you can use a cable-driven speedometer with a transmission that only provides an electric VSS output. The waterproof case allows mounting anywhere and a powerful motor with PID-control yields extremely stable needle operation. Three-foot cable is available with ends to connect to GM/Ford thread-on, GM clip-on or Ford clip-on speedometers.

Dakota Digital 

COMP Performance Electronic Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit

A plug-and-play gauge kit designed to directly interface with the FAST XFI or other EFI systems. An OEM quality, 0-100 psi, GM sensor is included that can be used for either fuel or oil pressure measurement and will survive the harshest environments. Harness, mounting block and AN fittings are also included.

COMP Performance Group

The Directed Electronics Viper Ford Bronco.

RetroSound Newport

The Newport is the only production 1.5-DIN radio on the market offering a direct-fit solution for ’80s and ’90s GM and Mopar vehicles. Made-for-iPod, built-in Bluetooth, dual-color display, two USB ports and subwoofer output are included.

Retro Manufacturing LLC

Auto Meter LS Plug-and-Play Tach

This tach adapter kit is the simplest solution yet for getting an accurate, responsive tach signal from the LS family of engines without any cutting or splicing.

Auto Meter

McHitch Automatic Trailer Coupler

A world first in all-terrain couplers. Now you can hitch up a travel trailer or any trailer quickly and easily without assistance. The coupler [rovides a solid link between the tow vehicle and the trailer for a smooth, silent ride.

McHitch Automatic Trailer Couplers

SP Tools Mobile Hydraulic Press Extender Arm

A new attachment enables reaching over or under lifts when servicing suspension and drive line components. It gives full articulation and 360 degrees of arm movement.

Schley Products

QA1 Ball Joints

Preassembled extended length ball joints available in bolt-in, press-in and screw-in styles, QA1 ball joints come with standard and up to 1-inch longer studs.


SLP LS Engine Coil Covers

OEM-quality injected molded plastic engine coil covers for your General Motors LS S/C or N/A engine. Enhances underhood appearance and installs easily.

SLP Performance/
SLP Specialty Vehicles

Shelwes Automatic Contour Sander

Easily connects to any standard power sander and automatically conforms to curves and irregular surfaces, as well as flat, with no work interruption or adjustments. The patent-pending design was co-developed with 30-plus years of bodywork experience.

Shelwes Tools & Body

Ridler Award winner, Ron Cizek’s ‘40 Ford Coupe.

Rampage Jeep Wrangler Door Stay/Catch

The solution to loose swinging Wrangler entry doors with durable spring steel track, a nylon bushing and locking detent loop to hold open door in place.

Rampage Products

Classic Instruments ZST

Zues Speedometer Technology gives you the first self-diagnostic speedometer. It also has the simplest calibration procedure: drive 30 mph, push a button and you’re done! The tachometer works with 1-12-cylinder engines and has an optional shift light. Any known speed signal can be accepted.

Classic Instruments, Inc.

Oracle Lights’ Aston Martin.

Shark Kage Ramp

Shark Kage is a great multi-use ramp for trucks to load motorcycles, ATVs and more. Shark Kage is also a toolbox, bed extender, cargo cover, sunshade and worktable.

Shark Kage

Del City’s Mini Fuse Panels

Del City’s sealed fuse and relay panels provide a rugged, compact and efficient power distribution and circuit protection for marine, construction, agriculture, heavy trucking and automotive applications.

Del City

Kleinn TimeBlaster Train Horn Kit

Fifteen minutes (or less) is all you need to install a complete 150-psi, high-performance train horn using the new Kleinn GM train horn system.

Kleinn Air Horns

Creative Autobody Solutions

ABS plastic spray out cards.

Creative Autobody Solutions

Gliptone Body Bar Spray and Clay System

Body Bar is the most flexible, pliable, polymer clay bar that is clearcoat safe and can be used on all painted surfaces, chrome, glass, plastic and fiberglass.


Rugged Ridge X-Clamp

The X-Clamp mounting system from Rugged Ridge features an innovative and unique adjustment which allows it to mount to tubes ranging from 2.25-3 inches. Rotate the X-Clamp to fit your tube, pivot the mounting bracket to the desired position.

Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge

George Poteet’s ’69 Ford Torino Talladega GPT Special, built by Troy Trepanier at Rad Rides, won the Mothers 2013 Shine Award.

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