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Pro-Touring Truck Shootout
September 4, 2020
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Revved to the Max at LMC Truck Shootout 2020

Live Autocross Event at the NCM Motorsports Park

The Street Trucks Magazine crew was on site for the 2020 Pro-Touring Truck Shootout bringing viewers a full live-stream of the entire event. This car show and autocross event was held on August 8th, 2020 at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was an early start to the day as the drivers walked the track. It was a hot summer day, but the trucks were hotter! These custom trucks were built to withstand even the most extreme courses.

The first truck sat at the starting line waiting for the green light. It was go time and the truck shot out onto the track like a cannon. Autocross events are all about reaction time and speed. These custom trucks are built to handle the crazy twists and turns of the autocross track. The hairpin style turns are extremely difficult to maneuver at the high rate of speed the drivers are going.

Throttle control is also of utmost importance as the truck speeds down the track. Hitting a cone means a 2-second penalty and that is something these drivers can’t afford when racing. The back straight away of the course is part of the fastest on this autocross track. The custom built trucks can stretch their legs and get up to high speeds before crossing the finish line.

Tire screeching could be heard all across the venue as the trucks were sliding across the finish line. These custom trucks have undergone tremendous fabrication in order to reduce weight and get a perfect balance for negotiating curves. Cameras were placed all across the course in order to capture every second of the race cars and trucks pushing the limits of their motors. Even with the Coronavirus pandemic, tons of spectators came to the event to cheer on the drivers. With the entire event being live streamed, viewers across the nation could watch safely at home. Watch the full event here!

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