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Showdown in the Valley! Where Lifted and Lowered Trucks Converge

BRANDON BURRELL March 25, 2024 Events

Packing the Valley with Lifted and Lowered Trucks

Photos by Brandon Burrell

When it comes to show venues, the old saying “location, location, location” means a lot. With so many shows forced too far from cool locations due to city restrictions, shows like Showdown in the Valley give a new meaning to an event  taking place in the middle of small-town America. This year’s show was sponsored by JTX Forged and held on October 6-8, 2023, in the middle of Maggie Valley—a small, old-school town nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina. The scenery alone gives showgoers something to enjoy. Besides being surrounded by rolling mountains covered with morning fog, the weather is always perfect. The temperature during the first week of October is neither too cold nor too hot. 

Even with a beautiful view surrounding the Maggie Valley festival grounds, the insane trucks packing the event are by far the focal point. A lot of shows cater to specific genres of trucks, whether it be classics, lifted, minis, and so on, but this is one of the few that attracts a very diverse mix. Show promoters Mitchell Metcalf, Shane Gentry, and Chris Tryon are die-hard truck enthusiasts with ties to every style of show vehicle, so it’s easy for them to draw from all demographics. From over-the-top lifted trucks to the bodied full-size pickups to the full-custom classics, Showdown in the Valley gives spectators plenty to see.

The show was set up on Thursday, and if you happened to stop by early, the sheer number of show vehicles already there would make you think it was Saturday. Friday followed suit with even more custom trucks rolling in throughout the day, so the show site was packed from fence to fence by Saturday and Sunday. The laid-back feel of this event comes from the show promoters hanging out all weekend long and allowing others to mingle late into the evening.

The third annual Showdown in the Valley has already been booked for October 4-6, 2024, in the same great location. JTX Forged has once again signed up to be the title sponsor, so look for its massive booth front and center. Tons of big-industry companies such as TIS Wheels, Plan B Fabrication, Flawless Whips, and Stryker Offroad will also be back to give the spectators plenty of wares to check out.

For more info on this show, go to or check them out at @showdown_in_the_Valley on Instagram. Make sure to mark this show on your calendar. We will be back for sure!

Even with a beautiful view surrounding the Maggie Valley festival grounds, the insane trucks packing the event are by far the focal point.  


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