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Roger Rohrdanz November 08, 2022 All Feature Vehicles

The Sultans Car Club’s 25th Annual Event

The Sultans Car Club has been around for almost five decades, and is still going strong with over 30 members. For a quarter of a century now they been holding their annual event at beautiful Signal Hill Park.

One of the unique things about this park are the old, well-maintained, odd variety of trees. They provided shade for over 170 pre-’75 cars in the 80-degree weather.

The best thing about this show is the diverse styles of cars, including classics, bombs, street rods, trucks, customs, and hot rods. This is definitely an inclusive gathering.

On top of the terrific rides, there was also great live music provided by group Johnny Rocket & the V-Twins. A tasty Sultans BBQ was also available.

A nice selection of some interesting vendors booths lined the parking lot. The event also had a raffle, 50/50, and the “special” car awards which included some that were even handmade.

Bob Porter’s tri-powered Pontiac big block, ‘59 Pontiac 2 door, needs to find his missing breather.

this ’56 Studebaker Sky Hawk is, believe it or not, Bentley V8 powered! The owner is Russ Graves.

This unique, nicely restored ’57 Hillman Mini convertible belongs to Greg Garza of Lakewood, CA.
This unique, nicely restored ’57 Hillman Mini convertible belongs to Greg Garza of Lakewood, CA.

Over the top, flames, grille teeth, louvers and those cool Merc caps all combine to make Dave Beans ’51 Merc from Arcadia, CA.

Lookin’ like a straight very red rocket, “Autoholics” club member Howard Gribble of Torrance, CA. brought his awesome ’64 Chevy. Check out the diamond tuck interior!

This ’52 Ford 2-door with a cool patina has shaved door handles, a cleaned-up grille and custom bumper, and the beginning of a scoop in the rear quarter panel. “When pigs fly” seems to be the meaning of the hood ornament.

One of the nicest cars on the property, Dennis McKee’s ’49 Cadillac Club Coupe.
Jeremy Henry has crafted in some unique features in his ‘57 Cadillac, like the ’58 Chevy steering wheel.

One of the unique handmade awards.


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