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MAXIMUM DRIVE STAFF August 11, 2022 All Feature Vehicles


Holley has made it easy to have classic performance with its Tri-Power intake manifold and carburetor systems for small-block Chevy engines.

The world-famous Holley Tri-Power Carburetor System is legendary in Chevrolet circles. It was factory equipment under the hood of the iconic big-block L71 and L89 Corvettes. Holley has brought that look and performance to your small-block Chevy. With the Tri-Power system, you can cruise around economically on the 350-cfm center carburetor or unleash all 1,000 cfm at wide-open throttle to truly have the best of both worlds. Systems include a dual plane, medium rise 3×2 Weiand intake manifold, three Holley 2bbl carburetors (one 350-cfm center carburetor with electric choke and two 325-cfm outboard carburetors) in either a dichromate or shiny finish, high quality steel fuel lines, progressive throttle linkage and reusable air filters with polished housings. Log on to for details.

ATHLETIC SHOES             

Mickey Thompson’s ultra-high performance Street Comp tires are now available in a popular wide 305/35R20 rear size. First introduced as original equipment on the 2012-13 Camaro ZL1, Mickey Thompson promotes the 305/35R20 as the perfect fitment for new model Mustang and Camaro, and it’s a great choice for other vehicle owners who prefer staggered rear appearance with superior performance.

“The Street Comp is the ultimate UHP street tire,” stated Ken Warner, VP of marketing for Mickey Thompson. “This tire combines incredible construction, exceptional compound, a wider footprint and a specially-designed tread pattern for a smooth, quiet ride and responsive handling in both dry and wet conditions. It’s also got the impressive appearance you’d expect from Mickey Thompson.”

For a full list of available sizes, visit


The Mopar Scat Pack 3 Performance Kit is specifically tailored for the competitive enthusiast looking for extreme performance and ultimate bragging rights.

As the final building block in the 5.7L Scat Pack family, Scat Pack 3 puts the finishing touches on gains realized by Scat Pack 1 and 2. With the addition of new Mopar Performance CNC-ported cylinder heads, Mopar high-flow manifolds and high-flow catalysts, drivers will reap the benefits of up to 75 more horsepower and 44 lb-ft of torque with this made- for-the-track upgrade.

The performance upgrade kit also includes a gasket set, exhaust manifolds, exhaust adapter, mounting brackets, hardware and two Scat Pack 3 badges. Like Scat Pack 2, the Scat Pack 3 kit boosts performance while maintaining the factory warranty.

The Scat Pack 3 for 2011-15 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger vehicles is now available for an MSRP of $4,495 through an authorized dealership. Installation of the Scat Pack 2 and Scat Pack 3 kits requires a revised calibration provided by Arrow Racing.

Mopar parts are engineered together with the same teams that create factory-authorized specifications for FCA vehicles. This offers a direct connection that no other aftermarket parts company can provide. A complete list of Mopar accessories and performance parts is available at


CalTrend offers custom-tailored seat covers for the ’15 Ford Mustang coupe and convertible models. Manufactured in the U.S.A., CalTrend offers these new covers in a choice of materials. The “I can’t believe it’s not leather” is a luxurious top-quality material with the look and feel of real leather. DuraPlus is a canvas-like, high-abrasion-resistant fabric. Neoprene and NeoSupreme are created from a wetsuit-like material with a rich, sporty appearance. New for 2015, Tough Camo is rugged and stain, water and abrasion-resistant with a camouflage pattern.

CalTrend custom seat covers are side airbag compatible, feature large seat-back pockets to store personal items and include reinforced seams and cushioned foam lamination that provides a soft and comfortable feel for a perfect fit.

All include a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. For more information on colors and fabrics available, contact CalTrend at 2121 S. Anne St. Santa Ana, CA 92704; 800.846.8621 or


Strange Engineering now offers SFI-certified chome-moly driveshaft assemblies. Each 3- and 3.5-inch shaft is built with seamless chome-moly tubing, TIG welded, straightened and balanced to deliver straight reliability under the most demanding conditions. Options include 1350 or 1480 series weld ends and U-joints.

Strange Engineering also offers a full line of chome-moly transmission yokes to complete the driveline assembly. Log on to for details.


Lingenfelter’s new Stage 1 LT-4 kit offers a boost in horsepower and torque across the entire power band, providing a noticeable difference in acceleration. The high-performance icon also reports that throttle response is greatly improved, with the LT-4 now responding instantly to pedal input. The result is a Z06 Corvette that feels more like a race car on a road course, yet with the manners and temperament of a car that can easily be driven comfortably daily on the street. For more information, contact Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, 7819 Lochlin Drive, Brighton, MI 48116; 260.724.2552 or


Strange Engineering aluminum bolt-in shocks are based on the proven coil-over technology that has been used by racers for years. The lightweight aluminum construction makes tuning the suspension easy by locating the adjuster knob(s) at the bottom of the shock body. The wide range of damping allows each shock to be used in street, strip and road race applications. Each includes high quality mounting hardware to handle most applications.

Strange Engineering aluminum-bodied, bolt-in shocks are available for popular American muscle cars. Available in both single and double adjustable configurations, these shocks can also be customized to specific lengths, strokes and valve settings. Single adjustable shocks start at $150, and double adjustable shocks start at $250. Log on to for more information.


Snow Performance now offers braided stainless hose for its Boost Cooler water/methanol-injection systems. The hose is a synthetic methanol-proof EPDM hose that is braided with stainless steel capable of withstanding as high as 1,250 psi.

The hoses are pre-cut for each application, making for easy installation that also enhances the engine compartment. “Braided tubing is the standard for fluid systems in high-performance applications,” says Matt Snow, president of Snow Performance. “In recognition of this, we have produced this hose upgrade in custom lengths for all Boost Cooler systems.”

Snow Performance claims that Boost Cooler water/methanol systems increase air density in the combustion chamber, allowing more timing and boost in power. Snow Performance has been designing and manufacturing water/methanol-injection systems for more than a decade. For more information, contact Snow Performance, 1017-A, East Hwy 24, Woodland Park, CO 80863; 760.674.5876 or


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